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Question: Do You Want . . .

@JeanneTakenaka +Jeanne Takenaka

Has God ever asked you a question so clearly that you squirmed with the discomfort of it?

A number of years back, I was sitting in church. That morning my rejection issues rose up and called me condemned.

Peoples’ words and compliments filtered through that rejection lens and came through as warped and untrue. I doubted any good thing said, and pain burrowed into my heart.

All of a sudden this question shouted in my mind:

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Obey: Deep Waters

Casting the net

By +Jeanne Takenaka @JeanneTakenaka

“Cast your net into the deep water.” ~Brooke McGlothlin    

How many times have you tried to accomplish something, like Peter fishing all night, and come to the end of your striving with nothing to show for your efforts?

Except perhaps frustration, a sense of failure and discouragement?

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