Passion, Plan

Planned Passion?

ImageFor the last few years, instead of making a list of New Year’s resolutions, I have focused on one word. Last year, my word was PASSION. I learned a number of things about “passion” that I would like to share on this blog.

I was surprised that this word ended up being the one given to me to focus on. I am a very planned lady. I like my plan. I work my plan. My plan is my comfort zone. This seldom leaves room for the spontaneity passion sometimes requires.

I began thinking about what I am passionate about. Things I’m passionate about include living my life in a way that will point others to God, in a good way. I am passionate about being the best wife and mom that I can be for my family. I am passionate about the stories I write.

Each of these items has an element of planning involved. But, more than that they each require an investment of time and effort. To be a good wife to my hubby, I need to spend time with him, listen, learn to understand what makes him tick. Some of these “lessons” came through arguments, others came through watching him.

As a mom, my plans sometimes fly south for the day before my kids are even off to school. As they grow older, I am discovering they need more of me, not so much what I do for them. Yes, they need good meals and transportation. But they also need a listening ear and a heart that desires to understand them. This requires me to set aside my “to-do” list and focus on them.

I came to writing much later in life than most of my writer friends, but I love it! When some poor person makes the mistake of asking me about my story or what I’m learning about writing craft, they’ll probably get more of an answer than they bargained for. My spirit is light, excited when I get to talk about it. Writing, too, has required me to adjust my “plans,” my timetable.

Being passionate about relationships with God and my family and about writing stretches me, requires more of me than I thought they would. Learning to live with passion is changing me for the better. I’m moving beyond my plan and focus on the “the to-do list” into a place of focusing on hearts.

Your Turn: What are you passionate about? What motivates your passion?