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Choosing Gratitude (series): The Domino Effect of Practicing Gratitude

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When I come to November in a year, something happens in my spirit. I’m ready to cozy down into warm sweaters and soft blankets. I love scented candles burning and soups simmering on the stovetop. It’s a time to slow  down and reflect over the year. When my spirit is in a good place, my heart finds much to be grateful for. One thing that fills me with gratitude is the gift of friends—real life and blogging friends.

For the next few weeks, I have invited five friends I respect deeply to share stories and thoughts on gratitude in their lives. I hope you will join with me for all five weeks and share your responses to their words. If you miss a week, you can click Choosing Gratitude series to catch up with the other posts in this series. Will you settle in with me, with a mug of something warm in your hands and think on those things and happenings in the year for which you are grateful?


I first met Meghan Weyerbacher online a few years back, I believe through the amazing Five Minute Friday linkup. We’ve followed each other on social media. In the summer of 2017, I had the privilege of meeting Meghan in person. She’s real and delightful and has a heart to encourage others. It’s been fun watching God take Meghan and use her to encourage and minister to writers through her blog, and recently, through her book. Please help me welcome Meghan Weyerbacher to this little corner of the blog-o-sphere today!


Gratitude. It’s something I want to have, something I want my children to understand. It can be frustrating when I’ve done my utmost best in something and it doesn’t seem to matter. I become agitated. I begin to worry “why” did I even bother?

See where I am going with this?

This cycle wears my mama heart right out onto the sticky floor and I find myself more focused on what I did wrong, or what my kids did wrong—than the right that happened.

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Writer’s Life: Dealing With Past Pain

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When I began writing fiction, I had no idea of all the things I still had to learn about life. And especially writing.

When God planted a story idea in my heart a number of years ago, I had this naive idea that I could write and publish a book within a year. 

Me. The one who hadn’t even published a magazine article. Or a blog. Or anything else.

All I knew was I loved reading, and I’d had this secret desire to write a book since I was thirteen. But I knew I could never succeed in such an endeavor. Not me. The less-than girl.

The one who was so sensitive her heart still bore painful scars from the bullying in her elementary days. 

But, decades later, when this crazy idea for a story wrote itself upon my heart, I knew it was time to pull out my brave and give this a try. 

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I’d love it if you joined me over at Meghan Weyerbacher’s to read the rest of my story:

How Humility & Healing Transform Our Writing

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