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Time: Gift Or Given?

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“Time to go.”

“So many books. So little time.”

“Time flies when you’re having fun.”

How many sayings are out there about “Time?” Time is one thing that sets definite boundaries around our lives. We receive twenty-four hours each day. No more. No less. Let’s face it: women have lots to do. I often cram as much as I can into a day.

Cynthia Heald said something that’s stayed with me: “Time is a gift, not a possession.” Simplicity views time as a gift, not a given. I tend to take time for granted. I figure I’ll have time to do ____________ (fill in the blank) later. That way I can do ______________ now. If time is a gift, should I assume I’ll have an unlimited amount of it? None of us knows how many days we’ll walk this earth.

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Simplicity and Stuff


Last Thursday, I shared some musings on Simplicity. The biggest eye-opener for me has been seeing how much busy-ness prevents a spirit, a lifestyle of simplicity from being woven into the fabric of who I am.

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Simplicity and Busy-ness: Letting Busy Happen

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Last weekend, I attended a seminar on simplicity, taught by Cynthia Heald. As a mother with elementary aged children, I have days when I yearn for a simpler life. I’m convinced this season of child-raising is just B-U-S-Y. Much of what Cynthia shared challenged me to refine and rethink my understanding of simplicity. For better or for worse, I’ll be sharing some thoughts, today and in future posts.

I try to keep margin in our family’s schedule. I don’t want to be a stressed-out mom toting kids to activities every night, a yell only one smart-alecky remark away. I’ve accepted without question the idea that busy-ness is a part of life.

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