Forgiveness, Joy

Joy: Finding Joy in Forgiveness

Pink flowers with rain drops on them, a reminder that there is beauty after storms

Guest Post by Darlene Turner

***Over the next three weeks, I want to introduce you to three author friends. They have books that have just released, and each of them has wisdom they’ll share in their posts that guided their stories. I am including links to their books, should you want to learn more. And no, I’m not earning anything from sharing them. I just want you to get to know these authors. Enjoy!***

Darlene Turner and I have been in the writing trenches together for a number of years. My Canadian friend has such a warmth about her. We’ve finaled in contests together…and consoled each other when someone else won. We’ve talked about personal issues and how God has brought us through. Her debut novel, Border Breach, released last month. If you like romantic suspense, you need to check this one out.


Early morning is my favourite time, especially during the warmer months (hopefully soon!). I love to sit outside on my patio listening to the cardinals sing. I enjoy smelling the freshness in the air and marvelling in the creation of the brilliant heavenly blue morning glories climbing my fence. It’s almost like they smile at me with their huge faces. I smile back. When I look at them, I see one thing. Joy.

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