I’m Moving!

Hey Everyone!

I know this isn’t the day I normally post, but . . . I have a little announcement, and I thought I’d share it in a video.

Beginning tomorrow (Tuesday, August 11, 2020), I’ll be blogging from my NEW online home. You can find the blog here.

PLEASE be sure to subscribe to my blog on my new site. See the side bar to sign up. It’s easy.

I’d love for you to check out my new website and tell me what you think. The address is: https://jeannetakenaka.com

The welcome mat is out. See you over there!


Bridges: 4 Truths About Bridges and Relationships

The international bridge between the United States and Canada

By Jeanne Takenaka

Most of this blog is a repost from a much earlier post . . . Our family took an impromptu trip, so I’m sharing this with you, and I’ll be commenting this week as I have time. 🙂


This past weekend, the family and I had a paintball adventure. It was my first time ever playing the game. A creek ran through the course. Our referee told Hubs and me that there were five bridges crossing it, some were rickety, but they provided a way to cross and stay dry. 

There were a couple narrow places where one could jump from one side of the creek to the other, but I was always on the lookout for a bridge. Who needs the stress of trying to jump while not being splatted with paint?

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