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Opportunity: When Opportunity Feels Inconvenient


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Have you ever heard about a hard situation and wanted to do something, but you didn’t know what to do?

Can I be honest and say that, sometimes, I am grateful all I’m called to do is pray? It’s easier to pray while I’m driving my boys somewhere, as I’m living daily life. It’s simpler to think on what others are doing in a hard situation.

Sometimes, I crave an opportunity to do something new or to venture into unknown pathways. 

Other times, opportunity feels ill-timed. I have so much that occupies my days right now. My boys’ schedules. Hubs’s travel. My own desire to finish my book. 

Opportunity’s knocking is sometimes inconvenient. 

What if God sends opportunities our way so that we can be stretched? So that we have to look to Him for His direction?

Often, opportunity takes us beyond ourselves and places us in a position where we have to choose to trust if we are to find our way forward. 

And sometimes, that opportunity has nothing to do with us, but everything to do on the behalf of another

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve read about multi-published author, Rachel Held Evans. She’s a wife, a mama to young children, and she’s fighting for her very life. Her situation is dire. My heart has broken for her husband and her children, through they may be too young to really understand what’s going on with their mama.

My opportunity tonight is to step out of my own comfort zone and share with you about her. Will you please pray for her and her family? Will you please lift them up? 

I’m not good at issuing calls to action, but tonight, I’m taking an opportunity to step out, to invite you into this chance to minister. I’d love if you could pray for the Evans family. And, if God so leads you to follow through with more, there is a link at the bottom of this post where you can give financially to help the family with their staggering medical bills. 

***I just learned that Rachel went home to be with the Lord early this morning. Please continue to pray for her family.

What about you? What opportunities have scared you? When has God challenged you to step out of your comfort zone to follow Him on a new journey?

If you’re interested in learning more about Rachel Held Evans, how to pray for her family, or in helping out financially, here are some links that can help.

Her husband posts updates on her blog: Rachel Held Evans

And her friends have set up a GoFundMe – the costs are going to be devastating for them. Click here, if you feel prompted to donate: GoFundMe

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19 thoughts on “Opportunity: When Opportunity Feels Inconvenient”

  1. Terrific post, Jeanne! Thank you for this.

    I wonder how Jesus felt
    about His opportunity
    when He in the garden knelt
    and sought His Dad’s community.
    He had the chance to save us all
    but the cost would be quite high.
    We’d be redeemed from the Fall
    but He would have to die.
    He asked Dad for a pass,
    that He might just walk out;
    but this denied, He took the glass,
    and drained it down the spout.
    I think I’m glad we’ll never know
    what might have been had God said, “Go.”


    1. Andrew, I loved this poem. I’m thankful Jesus’ love for us was greater than His need to be relieved from the pain of His own death. Your words have had me thinking all day long. I’m praying for you, friend.

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  2. As an Aussie living in Asia sometimes it feels like life is full of inconveniences and I wish everything would work properly and run smoothly. Seeing them as opportunities would make things seem different, easier said than done though!


    1. Katherine, I tend to wish everything would work according to my plan. But God . . . He has other plans more often than not. And when those inconveniences come—when those unexpected opportunities appear, I’m learning to seek God for His direction. Admittedly, I have to agree to give up my perceived control first. 🙂 Thank you for visiting!


  3. I’ve never thought of me being someone else’s opportunity–but I think you’re on to something! Thank you for bringing Rachel’s needs to us–I’m praying for her and her family.


  4. I’ve been following some of the updates about Rachel and praying for her and her family. Thanks for sharing about it here! And I agree, I think God often brings us opportunities that will stretch us. It’s a challenge to say yes to those and venture out of our comfort zones, but it’s definitely worthwhile.


    1. I’m certain Rachel’s family appreciates your prayers, Lesley. She and her family have been much on my heart too. It can be challenging indeed to say yes to some opportunities God offers us. I agree, saying yes is worthwhile. Have a great weekend, friend.

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  5. Opportunities that stretch me or lead me out of my comfort zones are opportunities I like to ignore! Thank you for reminding me that it isn’t always about me! Your wise words speak to me today!


  6. Sorry to hear about Rachel. Life can unexpectedly change in just a moment. Staying close to God helps us hear Him so we see those opportunities He wants us to step into. I’ve definitely missed ones, I’m sure, with my own planned agendas and over-thinking. For me, letting go and trusting in His timing for opportunities is a day by day, moment by moment, surrendering.


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