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Adventure: When You Want to Go Home

By JeanneTakenaka

“I want to go home,” my son whispered in my ear as we stepped into baggage claim in Athens, Greece.

Home, for him, equaled comfortable. Safe. 

Athens was the equivalent of new. Unknown. Scary.

I yearned to make him feel comfortable. To help him to embrace the new adventure we’d just stepped into.

But I couldn’t.

All I could do was pray for his heart. And affirm that we were staying.

Isn’t it interesting that we sometimes plan for something, save for, think about, dream about doing something? And then, when we take the first steps into that new place or situation, we want the comfort of what we know, of what makes us feel safe?

The new—the unknown—can feel scary. We’re not in control, not sure what to expect. The easy thing to do is to go back to what we know. What we can control. 

The brave thing to do is to open our hearts and embark on the adventure.

My boy-man had other moments on our trip when life felt a little overwhelming, when he had to stretch beyond what he liked. I heard those five words a few other times.

But, what filled my heart was watching him take in the places we visited. He snapped beautiful photos of ruins and places he’d read about. He breathed air in the same locales where the ancients breathed. Stood where they stood and saw beyond the borders of his familiar world. And he even ran on the original Olympic track (which is rectangular).

Sometimes, we have to put on our brave and step outside of what we know. Because it’s only then that we glimpse the bigger world, the beauty God has created. It’s those choices that open our eyes and hearts to gain a broader understanding of people and situations.

When we step away from our familiar places and trust God to direct our steps, we’ll sometimes tremble in fear. We have a choice to make then . . . 

Will we take that step forward anyway?

Or will we go home and stay in the comfortable places that will eventually suffocate us?

I want to be the one who braves the unknown. Who steps into new situations with courage on the outside, even if I’m shivering on the inside . . . if those steps are directed by my Father.

The thing is, home will begin to stifle us if God is calling us to an adventure. I don’t want to be the one who misses out on opportunities to interact with new people in unknown situations. I don’t want to be so cautious that I allow my “need” for safe and comfortable to cause me to lose out on an adventure God designed for me.

And in the end, when we stepped foot in our home, he was glad he’d made the trip. He has the great memories to recall the next time an adventure beckons . . . 

What about you? What feels like home to you? When has God called you to step into something new?

P.S. If you’re curious, most of these photos were snapped at the site of King Agamemnon’s one-time palace.

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22 thoughts on “Adventure: When You Want to Go Home”

  1. BEAUTIFUL post and pictures!

    I’m tired of gettin’ beasted
    and worked like a galley slave.
    I still stand undefeated
    but I no longer want to be brave.
    So bloody tired of falling
    and only having to rise
    hearing that mocking voice calling
    “Are those TEARS in your eyes?”
    No, I’m not bloody weeping
    and here is something you missed:
    the fact that I have been keeping
    a very sharp shiv in my fist.
    And I’ll meet your cold brutality
    with some steel lethality.


  2. Your son learned a lot on the trip to Greece. You are wise to teach him to step out of his comfort zone sometimes. Travel does that to people. “Sometimes, we have to put on our brave and step outside of what we know.” Love this! What a great lesson to learn, to put our trust in God and be brave.

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    1. Yes, Laurie. He did learn a lot. I don’t know if he can put those lessons into words yet, but I trust that God is helping them to sift and become part of the fabric of who He is. 🙂 Travel is an amazing experience for people!

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  3. I love how our posts tie together today, Jeanne! There are so many blessings when we step out of our comfort zones into something new, but it does take courage. I’m glad you were able to encourage your son in that and see him enjoy the trip and the new experiences despite his fear. I agree, I don’t want fear to cause me to miss out on something God is calling me to.


    1. I thought the same thing when I read your post this morning, Lesley. I love how God does that. 🙂 May we both choose to walk in faith and not let fear have the final word in our thoughts or decisions. Sending a long distance hug, friend.

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  4. What a blessing God gave you in that adventure – thanks for sharing so much of it with us through your beautiful pictures and posts! Sometimes, “adventure” can be right in our neighborhood – but the rewards are just as wonderful when we will take that step and move out of comfortable. I know you will cherish these memories made with your son for a lifetime!


    1. Jennifer, He gave us many blessings during the trip, especially seeing how He is the only One who truly spans the ages! Yes, sometimes adventure is right in our neighborhood. I guess sometimes we just need to look for it, and follow God’s nudgings, right?


  5. I love your brave faith in this new situation with your son. You both learned what it is like to step out into new and find that God had a safety net underneath you the whole time. I love these words —> The brave thing to do is to open our hearts and embark on the adventure.

    Thank you for sharing your brave story.


    1. Thank you, Mary. We did learn what it’s like to step out into new, and believe me, there were moments when I wanted to be home too. 🙂 I’m so thankful God is our safety net! Thank you for visiting, my friend!

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  6. With one step at a time, we build up to the next step, don’t we? I’ll get told I’m brave for traveling alone, yet it was really just one small step at a time—a few hours hiking alone, then a day trip away, an overnight…onto a week and then more. Great shots. Thanks for bringing a place to adventure in too, where I haven’t had to make a step. 🙂 Happy Easter.


    1. You’re right, Lynn. Sometimes it’s one step at a time. I love how you shared your progression of encompassing “Brave” with your gradual venturings further from home and for longer periods. I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures. I hope your Easter is joy-filled!


    1. Awww, Wendy. Thank you for your kind words. We are in the teen years, so I am hoping he will look back on those days through a lens that can see God’s care and Hubs’ and my care for him. Have a beautiful Easter, sweet friend!

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  7. The unknown can be scary! But the “known” can be an illusion. The only real comfort we have is in Jesus.


    1. You’re right, Jessica. The unknown can be scary, and the known can be an illusion. I love how you put that. I’m so thankful that there are no real unknowns when Jesus is at the center of our lives. He’s not surprised by anything.


  8. I love reading about others take steps out of their comfort zone and including their children in the steps. When we took our 10 grade daughter and 6th grade son to live in Bolivia, SA their dad said, I am going to show you the world. Of course change is always hard on kids no matter the age. But we bought a one way ticket for us four, not a round trip ticket so our perspective was a little different. Our kids knew so when it came time to say goodbye to the USA, all their friends especially, our home there was lots of tears. Years later they both did not want to leave South America. We have never regretted taking them to live in a third world country, their perspective on the world is bigger and fuller. Our son, married now with 3 kids is so flexible and easily adaptes to change. Now our daughter, also married spent 14 years in Papua New Guinea with her husband in the jungle, she hates change and it takes her long to adjust but when she does she gives it her all. You are right, probably right now your son could not express all he seen and experienced but it’s there in him just waiting for a little more experience and maturity for it to come out. He will bless your heart with it I am sure. Lovely post.


    1. Betty, I’m sorry it’s taken me awhile to respond. I loved taking our youngest on this trip. It was so good for both of us. How wonderful that you were able to take your children to Bolivia and live there. That must have felt big and scary for each of you at times. You gave your children a gift of a bigger worldview and perspective of how much of the world lives. Thank you for sharing a piece of your story here!


  9. God doesn’t call us to be comfortable. Jesus is our example. He stepped out of His comfort zone, leaving the glory and security of heaven to come to earth as our Savior. Congratulations on the courage you both showed in stepping into a series of uncomfortable but interesting spaces.


    1. You’re right, Shirlee. Jesus’ goal for us is never our comfort. I love your reminder that He lived outside His comfort zone when He left heaven for earth. Thanks for sharing this great thought!


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