Spring Break


You all know my family is pretty important to me. This week is my boys’ Spring Break. We are off making some fun memories. To be able to be “all in” for each moment, I have decided to take a Spring Break from posting this week. I look forward to reconnecting with everyone next week!

In the meantime, may God fill your days with many glimpses of His love for you, with greater understanding of His word, and with special blessings. 

See you next week!

6 thoughts on “Spring Break”

  1. Sometimes we just need a break,
    or need to break a leg.
    Not our own, for goodness’ sake!
    But make the b******* beg!
    A violent respite can be
    so warming to the soul;
    inflicting a bit of misery
    can make me feel so whole!
    It’s not that I’m a dreadful thug,
    I simply live to fight;
    and sometimes I just need a hug
    after a badass night.
    I find it’s never much in error
    to enjoy a friendly reign of terror.


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