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Christmas: Making Jesus Known

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“I must decrease that He may increase.” 

~John 3:30

Isn’t this the whole idea of Christmas? Making Jesus known?

The angels worshiped and declared the Savior had been born.

The shepherds worshiped and declared Jesus’s birth. They set aside their work, their busy-ness, their identity, and even their fears of condescension from those higher on the status rankings. They left their livelihood to worship their Messia

Over the past month, I’ve been busy and distracted—in mind and in heart. The boys’ activities, doctor’s appointments, life’s interruptions . . . they’ve all kept my eyes pointed toward . . . 


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Choosing Gratitude (series): Themes of Gratitude

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Over the past five weeks, I have been challenged by, encouraged by, and uplifted by my five blogging friends who shared their thoughts on gratitude. Lisa Jordan, Meghan Weyerbacher, Michele Morin, Lesley Crawford, and Marie Gregg . . . thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your words at my place. If you missed any posts in this series, you can find them at: Choosing Gratitude.

To wrap up this series, I am sharing a few final thoughts . . . 

I gave myself a challenge. Find thirty things I was grateful for during the thirty days of November.

On the hard days, I had to look beyond disappointment and frustration in the current day to the bigger picture of my life. 

I found hope. Beauty. Family. Friends. And especially the reality of God’s love.

These themes are what my heart revolves around. 

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