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Lies: Hiding Behind Lies


+Jeanne Takenaka @JeanneTakenaka

For decades I believed a lie.

And though I’ve talked about it here before, I’m just now seeing how much I hid behind that lie. The lie that I am not enough. That I am less-than. That rejection defined me as a Loser with a capital L.

As I became friends with people, I waited for them to confirm that lie. For them to prove to me in some way that I was really and truly less than.

Looking back now, it’s amazing how easy it was to perceive actions in ways that was inaccurate. I saw everything through that lens of rejection.


In Isaiah 29 (see vss 14-18, 29) God talks about how the scoffers made a lie their refuge.They made a covenant with death in order to try and escape the judgment God was bringing. They thought they could avoid God’s wrath by hiding behind falsehood.

Isaiah’s words were directed to the rulers of Jerusalem.


Though these words were written centuries ago, truth still rings through them. We still hide behind lies today. No, most of us don’t rule our cities (though some of us may wish we did!).

The lies I’m talking about center more around what we believe about God and ourselves.

When we’re children, we hear and internalize words from others. We interpret—and sometimes misinterpret—actions and attach  meaning to them that may never have been intended. I’m not minimizing situations when abuse is inflicted through words or deed. These leave devastating wounds on a child’s heart and identity.


The words and actions of people shape how we see ourselves from the time we are children. And it often takes a lifetime for truth to erase those lies and be chiseled onto the walls of our minds.

And this is where God comes in.

He loves us.

He’s seen the things done and said to us, and He longs for us to allow Him to clean and purify the walls of our thoughts.

His word tells us what He thinks about us.

We are chosen. 

We are beloved. 

We are precious in His sight.


Sometimes, though, it’s easier to keep believing the lies that defined us.

It’s easier to believe the worst about ourselves and to hide within the darkness of that identity than it is to step into the light of God’s truth.

It’s easier to believe we are less-than than to risk believing that someone could actually love us that much. Believing that He could see us as beautiful, treasured, as having worth.

I don’t think God is going to judge us for hiding behind our lies the way He did with the leaders of Jerusalem back in that day. But, I think we might grieve Him by not believing what He says about us.

I tell my boys I love them all the time. But there are times when they push those words back in my face. They can’t believe I would love them. That hurts my heart.


How much more do we hurt God’s heart by telling Him, “Sure You love me. I don’t believe you, God. I don’t believe you see me as valuable.”

When that happens, we have a choice. Are we going to erect more lies to cover ourselves?

Or are we going to begin to look at ourselves in the light of God’s word?

Are we going to hide our faces? Or can we, just maybe, begin to look at the lies we’ve believed and begin to bring them before God?


He’s kind of a funny Father. He wants our holiness more than our hiding places. Our whole-ness more than our excuses.

When we are willing to trust our Father, He can begin to help us see those lies for what they are:  manipulative words intended to hold us in a place of bondage.

It isn’t easy to confront those lies we’ve hidden behind. It can be downright difficult to come to terms with why we began internalizing them. And it can feel beyond risky to begin believing that there could be a more affirming way to define ourselves.

But God . . . 


Let’s step out of those tissue paper refuges and begin trusting God to bring healing, shall we?

What about you?  What truths has God spoken over you? How have you seen God’s love in your life?

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29 thoughts on “Lies: Hiding Behind Lies”

  1. This is just so stunningly good, Jeanne. A masterpiece.

    And interesting for me to read today; after a truly hellish weekend – of which most of yesterday is lost to me because I went into pain induced shock – I was bitten on the right thigh my a brown recluse. This is not fun.

    There;s the temptation to say to God, “REALLY? You have GOT to be kidding.”

    But it isn’t God at all. It’s just life in a fallen world.For God to deliver me from the pain and protect me from wandering arachnids would be a negation of His purpose, to wit: my choice for faith has to be free. He can’t stack the deck, not because He’s ‘testing’ me, but because I have to grow into the kind of person that would be able to live in Heaven through eternity.

    It’s a bit like Basic Recon School, or Scout/Sniper. They are weeders, but not because the Marines want closed elites; they are so hard because combat is far harder, and if you can’t get through either BRS or S/S and still pass through to the relevant MOS in the field, you’ll end up dying messily, and perhaps take a few of your mates with you.

    I feel the love in the midst of pain by knowing that He will help me bend these experiences to a purpose, and thus give meaning to MY life. He wants me to look forward, not with a Pollyannish mien of “my miracle is just around the corner!”, but with the knowledge that the miracle has already been granted.

    He came to Earth as a human baby, and took all of our sins onto Himself so that He could literally BE our ransom. If that’s not miracle enough for anybody, I don’t know what is.


    1. Andrew I am so sorry you have to go thru the bite of the brown recluse. They are nasty!! On top of your other challenges; its hard to believe. I am praying for you!


    2. Andrew, you’ve had the craziest things happen! Being shot at and now the brown recluse bite. I don’t even know what to say other than that I am so sorry! 😦 I’m continuing to pray about the pain and the poison.

      I so respect your perspective and your choosing not to blame God for allowing it. We do live in a fallen world, which guarantees we’re going to face hardships upon hardship. The question is, how do we respond? You’re mindset: “because I have to grow into the kind of person that would be able to live in Heaven through eternity.” is a little mind-bending in the best of ways. I really like that perspective. Thank you for sharing your words here, Andrew. They edify each of us who reads them.


  2. Jeanne,
    I struggled for so long with many of the same feelings you have – lies that had been chiseled into my heart. I realized I couldn’t believe God’s Truth through my human effort of trying so I asked God to work His Truth down deep into my heart. I let go of me trying to make it stick and asked God to embed His Truth into my heart. When we ask….He is faithful to answer. Not that doubts don’t crop up, but I am better able to shoot down the enemy’s lies.
    Blessings sweet friend…I think you’re wonderful ❤
    Bev xo


    1. Bev, we share so much, don’t we? I’m so thankful that when we come to God with ANY need, He’s already there, ready to meet us in it. I love the shift in your prayers. Absolutely beautiful. I’m going to be remembering your words here. I think you’re pretty wonderful too! ❤


  3. This shows up in my own life in forming friendships. I’m convinced that once someone gets to know me they will realize that I’m unworthy — which goes back to the same old lies. Let’s continue speaking truth to one another!


    1. Michele, these lies about friendships are hard to erase from our processes, aren’t they? I’m so thankful that many women don’t look at us the same way we see ourselves. And even those closest to us see our weaknesses, our brokenness and nurture rather than condemn. Let’s definitely keep speaking truth to one another!

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  4. THIS right here Jeanne! “It’s easier to believe we are less-than than to risk believing that someone could actually love us that much. Believing that He could see us as beautiful, treasured, as having worth.”

    I believe that is one of the biggest lies ever! The enemy is so sneaky and uses this sinful world to deceive us in this. It’s so easy to forget that we are loved with an everlasting love, beyond our imagination. Trusting that truth can be so hard!

    I used to struggle so much more with this than I do now, but still sometimes that enemy attacks.

    Writing on the new blog until things simmer down at homeskoolmom 😦
    Have a great day!


    1. Christy, isn’t it crazy how we settle into that mindset?! The enemy is sneaky. If he can get us into living with a Less-Than mindset, we are going to be easy prey for his tactics. It’s only as we believe what God says about us that we can see the enemy’s ploys for what they are. I’m like you…I’m getting better at not falling for those lies when they pop into my head. Thank you for visiting today, my friend.


  5. I agree, it can be a long journey to let go of the lies. It’s definitely one where I’m making progress but it’s still easy for the lies to take hold at times. It can feel risky to step out and believe something different about ourselves but there is so much freedom when we do. It is important to keep remembering the truth and to trust what God says about us rather than basing our value on our own ideas or the messages we pick up, rightly or wrongly, from others’ words and actions.

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    1. Lesley, I’ve been in those places too, where the lies take hold and I don’t even realize it…until I catch myself condemning myself or second guessing every word I speak, every decision I make. I believe you and I have similar beliefs and passion about finding our identities in Jesus alone, and encouraging others to do so, as well. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by today!

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  6. It is so easy to get caught up in the lies but much harder to remember we are loved. This post would have been a great addition to our Chosen and Approved series we wrote. It outlines the ease with which we allow ourselves to fall in the trap of lies and stay stuck there.

    It’s almost as if we need to wake up each morning, look in the mirror and say “we are loved.” It reminds me of The Help and how the housekeeper would say to the little girl, she was beautiful, loved and smart. (Not sure I got the words right) Thank you for your words today. Just what I needed.


    1. Mary, it is easy to get caught up in those lies. I like the idea of reminding ourselves Whose we are each morning, and that we are loved. When we believe this and live in that belief, we find such freedom, don’t we? I remember that part of The Help. Isn’t it amazing the surprising places affirmations can come from? I’m so glad you stopped by, my friend.


  7. “He wants our holiness more than our hiding places. Our whole-ness more than our excuses.” Yes, so true! I recently heard a speaker articulate so well how our excuses are our hiding places. It does take time for our brain to heal from those words that we took in and defined ourselves outside of who we are in Christ. Yet, you said it so well…God’s way is to strip away those lies so we can live fully as His beloved, because He loves us so much.


    1. Lynn, yes, our excuses are our hiding places. I still need to check myself and make sure I’m not hiding behind an excuse. I’m thankful for God’s patience as we come into that place of believing what He says about us. In the journey from lies to truth, He walks with us through each transforming step, doesn’t He? May we both continue to choose to live as His beloved. I always appreciate your insights, my friend.


  8. Hi Jeanne! Nice to meet you. Try this one on..Jesus bought and paid for us on the cross AND we now are righteous! We get to put on His coat of righteousness because He died to give it to us so we wouldn’t be separated from him anymore. That one blew me away when I finally got it. He has made me righteous. Awesome awareness you are coming into. We all need to strip away the lies we have been fed forever from the fallen one and get into a relationship with Jesus and let him truly show us who he has made us to be.


    1. Hi Sherry. It is amazing that God has made a way for us to be righteous in His eyes. What love, huh? I’m with you. One of the most life-impacting truths for me is that God will never leave or forsake us. There is such comfort and confidence that comes from living with this understanding of God’s love for us. I so appreciate you stopping by!


  9. Hi Jeanne ~ It’s amazing how subtle the lies the enemy casts in front of us and how quickly we can latch on to them. Your words are truth and light today. I’ve seen you here and there online, and am so glad to be your neighbor at Holley’s this morning.


    1. Linda, you’re right. Those lies are subtle. It seems like I begin to latch onto them when I am already on a downward spiral in my thought life. When my eyes have slipped from Jesus to myself? It’s not pretty, and I become prime pickings for the enemy.

      I’m so glad you stopped by! I’ve seen you around the blogosphere before. It’s nice to “meet” you. 🙂


  10. You are so right that even when we are His, and we Know we are His, the lies creep in. The prince of the air is sly and crafty and preys on our weaknesses. I’m writing a piece now on Tearing Down Walls and here you wrote “He’s seen the things done and said to us, and He longs for us to allow Him to clean and purify the walls of our thoughts.” Yes. Or allow Him to tear down the ones we have built over the years. Great post!


    1. You are right. We can know Whose we are but still be taken down by lies the enemy feeds us. Tearing Down Walls. That sounds powerful. There are definitely times when walls need to be torn down. I’m so glad our Father works in our hearts so perfectly. I always appreciate when you stop by!

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  11. I’ve seen this looking at life through the lens of lies so much in the past couple years. I see the world so differently now.
    I wish so many times to go back and live my life in the truth I now know.
    This was a great post. Very convicting to me


    1. Somer, I think God teaches us things on different levels. He may approach an area of our lives with us on one level. As we find healing on that level, He reveals a deeper level where we need His healing and we need truth to replace the lies. I’m glad He doesn’t do all the work at once. I think I’d be overwhelmed if he did. I am thankful He gives us grace to live in the truths He shows us. I’m saying a prayer for you today!


  12. I guess the truth God tried to get through my thick skull over most of my life was that I needed to see Him as He is, not as I wanted him to be. After finally being obedient to that I found that I was indeed enough. I’d never live up my grand expectations for myself but having been made whole in Christ I am whole in God’s eyes…does anything else really matter?
    Great post Jeanne!


    1. Oh Gene, your words resonate. It’s easy to want God to be the way we want Him to be. then we have control, right? I’m so glad He is who He is. He’s so much bigger and greater than I can comprehend. And His love is so much more than I ever imagined. I’m thankful for the blessing of grace He gives us, and the reality that we are enough in His eyes because we are His and He is our Creator. I love your final thought. “I am whole in God’s eyes . . . does anything else really matter?” Great perspective. I hope your Independence Day is wonderful!


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