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Help: When We Say, “Yes.”


Peter with some helpMy Five Minute Friday prompt this week is—HELP. This largely unedited “rough draft” form of writing stretches this perfectionist, in the best of ways. I write for five minutes on a given topic. If you’re interested in learning more about 5-Minute Fridays, check out our hostess, Kate Motaung’s site. Or, click on the link at the bottom of this post. As you read my simpler Friday posts, I hope you’ll join in the conversation!

**I confess, I could have gone so  many different directions, and gone deeper, but five minutes is five minutes (or maybe 5:30 this time 😉 ).


My youngest had just turned one when he made up his mind he would not accept help when it came to eating. He pushed our hands away and gave us the stink eye on more than one occasion when we tried to help him.

This strong-willed, amazing boy has continued to have this trait of not accepting help from anyone if there’s even a remote a chance he can do “it” by himself.

I’m embarrassed to admit, I’ve had those same tendencies. That desire to do things on my own runs D-E-E-P.

I want to claim the applause of the accomplishment.

I don’t have to admit my need.

Man, we are prideful creatures, aren’t we?

Even though God tells us He is our help, I still want to have control over the things I’m trying to do. I want to do it in my timing, in  my way.

Whether it’s mothering, writing, or some other task, I’d simply rather do it on my own.

It’s so much easier that way.

Or is it?

Psalm 146-5 copy

Over the last number of years, God has allowed me into situations that are far bigger than myself.

Teaching elementary school for a few years before getting married.

Moving three times in two-and-a-half years. Yeah, that was kind of big too.

And mothering? This is a huge “bigger-than-me” thing.

God is showing me that there is a beauty in being able to ask for help. Being able to admit that yeah, I’m needy. Such a humiliating thing to confess in our culture.

But God never looks down on our neediness. (Click to Tweet)

He wants to help us. He’s told us He would, but He’s a gentleman. He’ll not push His way into our lives. More often than not, He will wait until we ask.

When we choose dependence on Him, and on others? That’s when relationships deepen. When we can share those vulnerabilities with others, that’s when we grow in depth as people.

Women Praying copy

When we refuse the help others offer, we can steal blessings from them.

Which way would God prefer we interact with others and with Him? As though we are part of a community of people who care about each other, or as though we’ve got it all figured out, but are dying on the inside?

What about you? When has someone’s offer to help you proven to be a blessing in disguise? When have you seen God’s help in your life? 

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22 thoughts on “Help: When We Say, “Yes.””

  1. Great post friend. THIS: “God is showing me that there is a beauty in being able to ask for help” These words are so true. Gods help is such a gift.


  2. Hi Jeanne, I recognized you from the Twitter #fmfparty and thought I’d stop by. So glad I did! I love where you say ” there is a beauty in being able to ask for help.” I was like you and never really saw it that way until experiencing the connection and community that comes with helping one another. Thank you for sharing! Blessings!


    1. Yes, Shauna! There is a much deeper connection with community when we allow them to help us. I’m glad you have learned (as have I) the beauty in asking for help. I think God is pleased by this. 🙂 Have a great weekend!


  3. Not a blessing in disguise…Carol Ashby, of the Books and Such blogging community, did all of the work to put “Emerald Isle” on the market when I could not longer cope with the task.

    Her grace and generosity is the sort of thing that brings tears to the eyes and a huge lift to the heart…and her hands were, by her choice, the Hands of the Lord.

    #1 at FMF this week.


    1. Carol is such a neat lady, Andrew. I got to meet her earlier this year. I am so, so glad she was able to help you with Emerald Isle! When we will step out of our own routines and help others, so much good comes as a result.


  4. Ok I’m totally blown away by how fast and how well you can write in 5 minutes! Definitely challenging me to as I am new to this FMF deal. I too am often resistant to help and was challenged in this area as well


    1. Amber, you’re sweet. I’m so, so glad you joined FMF. May we both continue to grow in accepting God’s (and others’) help. I enjoyed your post on Create! Thanks so much for stopping by!


  5. When we refuse the help others offer, we can steal blessings from them

    Yes! This was actually very eye opening many, many years ago. Why is that? We are blessed when we help others, yet, we don’t want to let others be blessed. Great post friend!


    1. Christy, we have to set aside the notion that we are self-sufficient. When we can be humble enough to ask for help. we receive the blessing of assistance, and the help-er receives the blessing of being selfless (among other things). It’s a lesson I still have to remind myself of. It’s so easy to just do things on my own, until I can’t. 🙂

      I appreciate you!


  6. Wonderful reminder. I had a lot to prove in life coming from the backstory God gave me and I think that is where I developed this need to do it on my own. Now I’m learning the importance of doing it together.


    1. Amber, when we feel we have a lot to prove, we usually do set out to do it . . . by ourselves. I’ve definitely been there. There is something special that happens when we invite others into our world to help us. May we both choose ask for help when we need it. 🙂

      Thanks so much for stopping by!


  7. Another great post Jeannie! Asking for help or just accepting help from another does bless them. I am still learning. Guess/hope I learn until I draw my last breath.:) Thanks Holy Spirit for Your continued work on this forever student.


    1. Hi Mom. It’s funny how our multi-faceted God uses helping in multi-faceted ways. I love that he can do this. I imagine we’re all learning some aspect of “Help” throughout our lives. 🙂


  8. We definitely went on similar lines with this prompt! it took me a long time to learn to accept or ask for help too. But there is a beauty in being able to ask for help, and I love your comment that when we allow others to help it blesses them.


    1. Carly, how fun that we both went in this direction. 🙂 There is a beauty in choosing the humility to ask for help, isn’t there? I wonder if we honor God in the asking (of Him or/and of others)? I’m looking forward to reading your post. 🙂

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  9. I shudder to imagine what my life would be like without the Lord’s help. Really, I don’t even have to imagine, because that reality is not so far removed from me. I’m stubborn. I’m prideful. Far too many lessons learned the hard way, this one more than most.


    1. I shudder too, Marie. The times when I haven’t leaned on Him have been U-G-L-Y. He has had to deal with me and pride too, over and over again. I guess I’m glad I’m in good company? 😉 But, I’m sorry you deal with stubbornness and pride too. May we both learn to grow to be more like Him, clinging to His grace and knowledge, rather than our pride.


  10. So much this! Love love love this! I often forget to ask for help. All I have to do is say “please help!” and POOF! But I simply don’t! Thank you for this beautiful reminder! “When we choose dependence on Him, and on others? That’s when relationships deepen. When we can share those vulnerabilities with others, that’s when we grow in depth as people.”


    1. Carey, I tend to forget to ask too. I’m so thankful for God’s patience with us, and His willingness to help us. I’m thankful He reminds me at times that I’m going it alone, and I don’t have to. 🙂 I’m always glad when you stop by!


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