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Growing Up: Who’s Responsible?

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How is it they grow so quickly?

I remember holding our first son in the hospital—twenty minutes old—gazing into his dark blue eyes, feeling my heart twist and turn to mush. Counting each finger. Each toe.

I remember tickling the palm of his tiny hand and his fingers instinctively wrapping their sweetness around mine.

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I remember holding our youngest, only a day old, the weight of his wee body warming my arms on that hot August day. I rocked him in the rocking chair at the cradle home where he spent his first few days. Him gazing into my eyes while he sucked the bottle. And my heart intertwining with his in those first glimpses.

The days are, slow but the years? They truly fly by. You blink and the kids are thirteen and eleven.

Hiking with boys

I still see childlike innocence in their eyes, usually first thing in the morning, when they’re still waking up. I hear their “happy” in the constant exuberant words that fling from their mouths around the breakfast table.

My two boy-men . . . growing so quickly. I’m afraid to blink again. They’ll both be grown and out of the house.

In a world that tries to beat them up, to drag them down, I yearn to be the one who can protect them. After friends say hurtful things, I want to cradle them in my arms, comb my fingers through their hair, and reassure them that it’s all going to be okay.

But the truth is, I can’t make everything okay for them anymore. The truth is, making everything okay isn’t in the job description God gave me when he offered me the gift of motherhood.

Job description of motherhood

The truth is: keeping them safe, that’s God’s job. My role is to share what I know about Jesus with our boys. To teach Him in those moments when the boys are receptive, and to live out my walk with Jesus.

My role is to pray like crazy for them. To pray for their hearts, their minds, words, and choices . . . that they will grow to reflect Jesus one day.

To pray protection over them. There’s an enemy, and he wants to steal my boys’ joy, their soft hearts.

He wants to destroy them.

But God? His role is to quicken their spirits to want Him. His role is to teach them when they fall short, to enable their hearts to receive comfort and truth when the world’s lies compete with His word.

Hands together

His role is to pick them up when they fail. And, heaven forbid, should they choose to walk away and live worldly for awhile, His role is to draw them back.

He will use people to aid in this, but ultimately, my boys’ hearts are in His hands. (Click to tweet) Their lives are ours to mold for a little while, but ultimately, they belong to Him. Hubby and I are the stewards of these two precious souls.

Moments of laughter

As they step beyond the edge of childhood and into manhood, I need to hold them with open hands. Yes, mothering is the most amazing, most terrifying, most heart-rending job there is. My heart is completely invested in these two sons. Completely, totally in love with them.

And even so, God loves them more. I love them forever, but God loves them eternally.

What about you? Who in your life do you love forever? How do you trust Jesus with them?

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8 thoughts on “Growing Up: Who’s Responsible?”

  1. I love my sons! One of the hardest things I have experienced as their mom is letting go. This involves letting them go to God and letting them go to experience life as God leads them. It also means that as hard as I try to fix something that is wrong in their lives, I can’t. Only God can do this but my first reaction is to swoop in and fix it.

    Your sons are beginning those years that they still are yours more than not but you begin to see the how life widens and starts to pull at them. I am praying for you as you learn how God wants you to honor Him and still nurture your sons.


    1. Mary, I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to your comment. I’m learning to release them into God’s hand more. It’s difficult when I see a hard heart and I want to jump in and tell them the dangers of that. Sometimes, they have to learn through the consequences. I so appreciate your prayers, my friend!


  2. Jeanne- So happy to be catching up on reading your writing : ) This is precious! I imagine that is one of the greatest challenges in parenting- letting God be God and the boys be His when you want to step in and ensure it all goes smoothly. I find that hard with loved ones and I’m not even a parent yet. Love this and grateful for the wisdom you share!


    1. Bethany, I’m so glad you stopped by! Letting God be God and the boys be His is a daily walk. Some lessons in this course are easier than others . . . 🙂 Thanks for your kind words, friend.


  3. Jeanne, replace “boys” with “girls,” and you have captured exactly how I feel with this post. I first held our daughters at nine and 13 months, and they are now 14 and 11, but the rest? Mothering with open hands, trusting in God’s protection, even the idea that if they stray, He will lovingly pursue them and draw them back … beautiful, my friend. Just beautiful!


    1. Yes, Lois. Our kids are about the same age. And though there is the gender difference, there are still similar heart issues, aren’t there? Mothering with open hands describes it so well. And so thankful that God will lovingly pursue our children when they stray. And the funny thing is? He doesn’t need my help. 😉


    1. I don’t want to think of the letting go that must happen when they learn to drive. Thank goodness God always holds them in the palm of His hand. Thanks for visiting, friend!


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