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Easter: How Deep the Father’s Love

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+Jeanne Takenaka @JeanneTakenaka

As I listened to a song during worship last Sunday, I was struck by the intimacy of the words . . . of the act of Jesus going to the cross, and His Father’s plan to save all humans from a fate worse than death.

I was struck anew at the depth of God’s deep love for us. That He crafted a plan at the beginning of human ages to offer an amazing gift to all people throughout time.

When I read words on a page, I’m grateful.

But when I hear the words expressed in song? The depth of God’s selfless act of love strikes me anew, and deep.

When I stop to consider the sin that’s intrinsically a part of me (and all humans), to know how hard it is for God to look upon the devil’s influence on His creation . . .

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When I consider the wretch that I am . . .

. . . prideful, selfish, unkind, impatient, angry, unloving . . . to know that Jesus, the perfect Man came to earth . . .


Edmund and the cross

Because of love. God has this crazy love for His creation, these beings He made to fellowship with, to love, to engage with . . .

Once Satan had his way with Adam and Eve, there was only one way for genuine, unfettered fellowship to be renewed—for God’s love to be unabashedly expressed—and that was through death. The death of One sinless.

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To know that Jesus came to earth with the intention of dying a violent, horrible death, all for me—for you—leaves me speechless with awe, and shame.

And yet, it’s because Jesus came that God sees me as a pure, blessed child of His. Because of Jesus, God the Father sees each of us through the filter of His Son’s purity. I have a hard time reconciling the passion of Jesus, the agony He suffered, because He loves us. What love is this?

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As we walk through Holy Week, may we all consider the gift of Jesus, how His death brought us life, how He loved us in His every action from first breath to last.

What about you? How do you honor Jesus’ sacrifice for you? How do you express your love to Jesus?

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27 thoughts on “Easter: How Deep the Father’s Love”

  1. Amen! There is beauty in your pictures and your words today. I love this week because I want to take the time to remember over and over that I am weak and unworthy until I walk to the cross with Jesus and leave it all there. The depth of HIs love is revealed in His death and resurrection and it is for each of us. We are blessed!


    1. Mary, I’m so weak too. I’m so thankful that Jesus is always with us, allowing us to leave our failings, our weakness, our unworthiness at the foot of the cross and pick up redemption and purity in their place.

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here today.


  2. I love that song. You are right, “The depth of God’s selfless act of love” always strikes me deeply. At times it is actually hard for me to focus on the extent of his suffering and sacrifice for me. Easter week is usually full of powerful emotions, shame, relief and thanksgiving. Have a blessed Easter Jeanne.


    1. I agree, Gene. I sometimes have a hard time focusing on the extent of Jesus’ suffering. I try to watch The Passion every year to help me remember the depth of His love for me . . . for all of His creation. I hope your Easter is blessed too, Gene!


  3. Jeanne, I also find that music makes words penetrate more deeply. Beautiful post about our beautiful Savior. I love the picture of your sons–so precious.
    Easter Blessings to you and yours ~ Wendy


    1. Wendy, God’s ways are amazing. To put words to song and infuse them with depth of meaning . . . I love that God does that. That He moves our spirits with music. Thank you so much for stopping by. 🙂 Have a wonderful Easter.

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    1. Shelli, I try to watch that movie every year, because I want to remember what love looks like. Poured down, blood from hands and feet. Love taking my rightful place. What a great question to ask. I need to ask Him that more often. I hope your Easter holds many glimpses of His deep love for you, friend.


  4. Your post made me ponder the relational aspect of Easter — the only way our access to the Father could be restored is if He Himself made restitution. What a beautiful picture of His love. I really prefer to turn away from the grisly details of the crucifixion, but when I do, I’m denying the horror of sin and what it cost.


    1. So true, Michele. I’m like you, in that it’s easier to not look at the agony, the suffering Jesus endured out of love for us. I think, when I stop to consider how He lived out love for us, that’s what makes me humbled and aware of the depth of His love. I hope you have a beautiful Easter.

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    1. Dolly, I’m with you . . . soooo grateful for His amazing love. Love poured out before we ever agreed to give our lives to Him. May He fill this coming week with glimpses of His love for you. I’m so glad you stopped by!


  5. SO beautiful, Jeanne! One of my favorite hymns, too : ) We celebrate by selecting sermons and/or a book addressing Easter specifically and enjoying them together.


    1. Bethany, that’s such a great way to honor Jesus and His love for you. I’ve never thought to do that. We probably read Easter-themed books to the boys when they were little, but hubby and I have never done that before. I hope you enjoy the things God shows you, and that you know His love for you in deeper ways as we prepare to celebrate Easter.


  6. Well stated and depicted Jeanne. I am excited to write my first post about Easter this year as my theme was being set up this time last year. I am humbled when I think of Christ’s sacrifice and so thankful for His grace everyday. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful reminder of God’s love. Have a wonderful Easter weekend and may God richly bless you and yours!


    1. Horace, how wonderful to begin writing and to share about Easter. 🙂 I’m with you, so humbled when I take time to consider Jesus’ sacrifice for me. I’m so thankful you stopped by. I hope your Easter is a special one too!


  7. Because of Jesus – there truly is such incredible wonder in His great sacrifice for us, while we were yet sinners. So grateful for His deep love. Praying you are healing well, friend and that you enjoy this time with your boys. xo


    1. Agreed, Tiffany. To know that Jesus died for us before we ever said “I do” to Him, leaves me in awe. I’m so thankful for His deep love. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here. I hope your Easter is a joy-filled one.

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  8. This is beautiful. It’s so important to take time to focus on the depth of God’s love and really let it sink in. Music definitely helps me in that too, and I love that song. Hope you have a wonderful Easter!


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