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Limit: I’m No Wonder Woman

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+Jeanne Takenaka @JeanneTakenaka

Our Five Minute Friday prompt this week is—LIMIT. This largely unedited “rough draft” form of writing stretches this perfectionist, in the best of ways. I write for five minutes on a given topic. If you’re interested in learning more about 5-Minute Fridays, check out our hostess, Kate Motaung’s site. Or, click on the link at the bottom of this post. As you read my simpler Friday posts, I hope you’ll join in the conversation!

**I confess, I took a little over five-minutes to write this post. 


Sometimes I make the mistake of thinking I’m Wonder Woman. Except that I don’t have an invisible vehicle.

I think I can do it all—take care of the house, the kids, the husband.

I can be all things to all people.

I can rush through my days at mach 10, rarely slowing down long enough to be still.

I can depend on myself to do all things that must be done.

Except, when I can’t.

Tearing my ACL three weeks ago has shown me another side of life. Mach ten has turned into mach zero, limping rather than rushing through my days.

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I’ve come face-to-face with the reality that I am not Wonder Woman.

I can’t fly off and fight piles of laundry on my own. I can’t fight off the insecurity thoughts that sometimes threaten my spirit.

I can’t be the always-patient mama with a boy who  has consumed hours of “my” time.

No, I most certainly am not Wonder Woman. Sometimes I’m barely-clinging-to-the-rope woman, with ever-graying hair.

I’m the one who’s confined to the couch for a few hours each day to give her knee a rest until surgery happens.

I’m the one who’s been limited by mobility.

God’s given me a limp where once I had the capacity to do everything I thought had to be completed in a day.

God is teaching me the beauty of depending on Him and on others. There’s nothing beautiful about a person who can do it all yet misses moments connecting with kids, spouses, friends.

There’s beauty in learning to hear God’s voice, learning to set aside the things I thought were important to listen to a hurting kiddo.


Yeah, sometimes God limits us so we learn to hear His voice, to depend on Him. To begin living out some of those lessons He’s been waiting so patiently to help us learn

Being limited is inconvenient, but not always a bad thing. Especially when we can see God’s fingerprints in the limitation.

Maybe sometimes the wonder in Wonder Woman comes in acting on the important rather than the demanding.

What about you? When have you been limited in some way? What have you learned? Where have you seen God’s fingerprints in your life lately?

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35 thoughts on “Limit: I’m No Wonder Woman”

  1. good words here friend “sometimes God limits us so we learn to hear His voice, to depend on Him. To begin living out some of those lessons He’s been waiting so patiently to help us learn” Sitting behind you in the 5 spot

    BTW, my mouth hasn’t been as yucky this week, thank, you for your prayers


    1. Thanks, my friend. And I’m so glad to hear God is helping you with your mouth. 🙂 He’s been helping me too. I’m so thankful for His grace! 🙂 Have a beautiful weekend.


    1. I’m with you, Miranda. I don’t like being limited (cue whiny voice 😉 ). I’m so thankful God knows what we need better than we do, and that He works in our lives and hearts so we can grow closer to Him.


  2. Being confined because of ankle surgery has given me time to think and pray. Praying for longer periods of time than I had been prior to my surgery. Prayer is soothing, it puts life into perspective, and it brings healing. Heal well Jeanne.


    1. Gene, I’ve thought about you as I “walk” through this current reality. I’m finding that I pray more for the little things. But also, forced rest gives me time to pray for others with more diligence. It is soothing. And yes, prayer does bring perspective. Thank you for that reminder. 🙂


  3. I love this! I always realize when I’m sick how God uses these moments to get me to simply sit still. Praying for swift and easy recovery in Jesus’ name.


    1. Yeah, God does have that way of helping us to hear Him more clearly when we’re sick, doesn’t He, Andee? I’m learning (slowly) how to embrace stillness. Thank you for your prayers, and thank you so much for stopping by my place. 🙂


  4. We do need to listen to him, but sometimes we forget to listen. And no one of us is “Wonder Woman” except maybe Wonder Woman herself. Praying for healing for you friend. I’m over in the #10 spot.


    1. Grinning, Tara. Yes, Wonder Woman is the only one who can be Wonder Woman. I’m called to be Jeanne Takenaka, faults and all. So, I’ll work to live that truth out instead of trying to be someone I was never intended to be. 🙂 Thanks so much for your prayers, my friend!


  5. Great post and perspective, Jeanne. You expressed this so well!

    I’m limited a bit more every day; the mechanics of daily life have passed beyond difficult. It all hurts so very much; pain in body, pain in soul.

    If I thought that God’s hand was there in imposing the limitations…to be honest, I’d be furious. So much of what I worked for has been fallen apart. If He was trying to get my attention this way…well, He would have gotten it. But if He was trying to get me to lean into Him…I’d be running away. Fast. This is a beating, not a lesson. There is no character-building, except the odd calm question…how much more can I take?

    But I don’t believe He’s doing this. He’s doing His best to help me see that there can still be purpose, if I’m willing to expose body and soul to more pain to fulfill it.


    1. I resonate with your perspective, Andrew. I love your final paragraph. And I for one, am very thankful you’re looking for and living with purpose, each day. You’re such an inspiration to me. Praying, my friend.


  6. I got sidelined for awhile this summer after minor surgery and kidney failure. I didn’t enjoy it at all. But the down time did help me realize that I’m not Wonder Woman–it’s a lesson I need to carry with me and not leave lying around as my health returns!


    1. Anita, in our busy culture, it seems like we need those reminders from time to time. Repeat after me: “I am not Wonder Woman.” 🙂

      Personally, I would rather not have to be reminded in this manner again. 😉 I hope your health is returning steadily to you, my friend.


  7. God certainly knows how to get our attention and get us to slow down. It’s not easy. Personally, I don’t like it one bit 😉 But when we finally rest in Him….you know this Jeanne. And your words are reminder to all of us. I love how you share straight from your heart. Prayers for you….


    1. Debby, resting in God is such an elusive concept in our culture, isn’t it? God does know the best ways to get each of us slowing down. And, even in the hard seasons, there are treasures to be gleaned. I’m looking for those. 🙂 Thank you so, so much for your prayers!

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  8. Hope you’re healing well. I feel for you. Broke my knee (requiring surgery and bolts) years ago in a bouncy house of all places. Apparently they’re not meant for adults. LOL I hope you make peace with your limits and slowing down. Hang in there. And don’t forget to do your physical therapy if you have any. It hurts, but, like a lot of things in life, there’s healing on the other side of that pain. God bless.


    1. Thank you, Lisa. I’m sooooo sorry you broke your knee! It is sometimes surprising where our wounds come from. God is helping me to accept my limits. The discomfort of constantly wearing the brace makes me want to recline on the couch so I can take the thing off and be comfortable. 🙂 Surgery is next week, and I’m definitely doing PT. I want the full healing. 🙂

      Thank you so much for your encouragement. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  9. It’s so hard. I mostly think back to when we had our appendectomies. Ugh. And I couldn’t stand seeing the house get yucky. When everyone went to church, I got up and swept, cleaned up … then had a pain in my side that hadn’t been there. Mmm hmm. I did too much. He does cause us to slow down … but yeah, I think it’s also a time to remind the ones we serve just how much we do. And sometimes how they take it for granted. We all do. My girls weren’t just thrilled with having to do dishes, etc. when I was down. They did it … but they were really misses my healthy days. 🙂 They were glad when I recovered.


    1. Shelli, it IS hard to see the piles build and the stove stay dirty because no one has wiped it down the way I like. Yeah, I’m having to let go of all this for awhile. It’s so wonderful to have family members who pitch in. When we had our huge snow storm last week, my youngest went out and shoveled six times, shoveling well over a foot of snow. I would’ve tried to do it, if I could. It was good for him and good for me. I’m sure my guys are ready for me to stop asking, “Honey, can you please . . . . .” 🙂 I always appreciate what you add here, Shelli!


  10. Hugs, Jeanne. I’m sorry to hear of the physical struggles, but so thankful to God for how He’s using this to bless you. I’ve been experiencing this too: “Yeah, sometimes God limits us so we learn to hear His voice, to depend on Him. To begin living out some of those lessons He’s been waiting so patiently to help us learn.” I’m a slow learner, but God has been and is patient with me. Praying for continued blessings to flow from the hard. Thank you for your honest encouragement.


    1. Thanks, Anna. God is using this season. There was so much I wanted to write about in my FMF post, but there just wasn’t time. 🙂 I’ve found He always uses life lessons in multi-faceted ways. I want to be open to receive all the glimmers He has through this season. Thank you for your prayers, and your words of encouragement.

      Have a great weekend, my friend!

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      1. These hard seasons are still filled to the brim with hope aren’t they?! He always uses them to His Glory.

        You’re so very welcome, Jeanne. Hope your weekend is filled with pockets of deep joy in the enforced slowing down.

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  11. Sorry to hear about your injury! Not fun! It’s good that you are finding lessons learned even through these difficult days! Take care friend! (Stopping by from #FMF #33)


  12. Jeanne, you describe so well how hard it can be to live with limits that didn’t used to be there before. It’s a bit of a wake-up call that shouts out our weakness loud and clear. I can strongly empathise with your words. I hated having to ask for help around 20 years ago when my boys were young but their mother’s body decided to collapse, act and react like that of a weary old woman’s. So I fully appreciate how resting rather than tearing around is not where you want to be.
    Now I am hitting senior years, my perspective has shifted somewhat, even if my abilities haven’t. But I have a greater ability to “see God’s fingerprints in the limitation” than I ever did before. Writing was always a secret passion of mine but it’s fast becoming a means of communication and connection and morphing into a calling and ministry as such. Who knew? Why, God did. It was in His plans all along. And I’m sure some fruit will come from your experience in due time. Meanwhile, I am praying for your healing. Blessings and hugs. ❤


    1. I love that God has unlocked writing for you, Joy. He’s certainly given you a gift. And, I’m learning to look for the treasures in the trials. I’ll be resting and looking to see how God works during these coming weeks. Thank you so, so much for your prayers. I truly do appreciate them. 🙂


  13. “Sometimes God limits us so we learn to hear His voice, to depend on Him.” Good words for today. I’m sorry you are going through this Jeanne, but I trust God will use it for good. I’m right there with you, thinking I need to be everything for everyone. I’ll heed your warning. Thank you. Lifting you in prayer.


    1. Thanks so much, Julie. I believe God will use this season for good. He has surprising ways of doing that. May we both learn to let God be everything to everyone, and we’ll just seek to bring Him glory in the ways we serve and love others. 🙂


  14. Oh, Jeanne! I didn’t realize you had torn your ACL! Ugh! So sorry! You mentioned that you’re in a season of stillness, but I didn’t know the circumstances. Praying now for a quick recovery, and for patience in the meantime! Thank you for this beautiful and challenging post. I appreciate you! Take care of yourself!


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