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Gift: God’s Love

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By +Jeanne Takenaka @JeanneTakenaka

I was reading in Ezekiel 46 recently. This chapter talks about how the prince went into and out of the temple to worship the Lord. Verse ten says the prince goes into the temple among the people, and out among the people. It got me thinking about how—though he was elevated in his position, his importance in the community—he was still on equal footing with everyone else before God.

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And each of us is equal before God. It doesn’t matter if we rank high in this world’s status, if we have more followers on Facebook or Twitter, or if our Klout numbers are higher than many others.

It doesn’t matter if He has used us to influence the multitudes, or the few in our small circles. He sees us equally. Loves us equally.

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And yet, He sees each of His children as unique. He knows how He crafted each person who’s ever walked the earth. There are scads of us who have walked, are walking, and will walk this globe. Yet, He loves us individually. He loves us uniquely.

God loves each of us as much as He possibly can. Passionately, Perfectly. Completely.

He gave the best gift He could offer—His Son.

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Jesus humbled Himself, left a throne, gave up majesty . . . and being worshiped by angelic beings . . . to take on frail human flesh.

He was born in a stable, where animals and germs, and old hay made up His warmth and His bed.

He was born to a poor young woman and a carpenter. Not a king, or a nobleman. A blue-collar worker.

He wasn’t born to a couple who stood out on the society page of the newspaper, but to those who probably lived invisible lives.

Jesus lived a very human life, learning the carpentry art of His earthly father, scrapping with brothers, perhaps teasing His sisters . . . human, yet God-made-flesh.

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He stood for something and gained attention, but not for Himself. He shared a message of God’s love to all who would accept Him as Savior . . .

. . . To all who believed God loved them enough to make a way for them to spend eternity with Him.

A message of hope for all mankind.

Jesus died a criminal’s death, for standing up and declaring truth.

He was very common. There was nothing outstanding or status-building in the way He lived His life.

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Except that He is God incarnate. God with skin on.

Jesus went into the temple and worshiped, just like all the others in His community. And yet, He was God. 

He’s offered the gift of salvation, of hope of a better place. Forgiveness for our sins.

This is the gift God offers to each common person in this world. To each status-built person who walks, or has walked, or will walk, this earth.

Christmas Cross 2014

He loves all of us equally. Sees each of us uniquely. And loves all of us passionately. This is an amazing gift to contemplate as we prepare to celebrate Christmas.

What better gift could we ask for?

What about you? What amazes you about the Christmas story? What part of God’s love is hard for you to accept, or leaves you in amazement?

13 thoughts on “Gift: God’s Love”

  1. What amazes me is God doesn’t just ‘Know me and love me’, but He has a special plan for my life, and He will lead me and guide me along that plan’s path. He’s interested in my entire life and loves me enough to walk each step with me, like I’m someone special. Yet I am not. But to my Father I am, because I am His.


    1. Mom, it’s pretty amazing that God’s got plans for our lives. And I’m so thankful He leads and guides us along that path, walking each step with us. It’s a pretty amazing thing to know that we are special to Him, isn’t it?!


  2. Jeanne, beautiful. I get tickled when I read books and think … this could never happen in real life. Or maybe I hear someone say that … this is just too far-fetched … too cliche. Yet, our world is full of miracles, impossible possibilities … Jesus, the God-man. Miracles happen daily, and we shouldn’t be quick to count anything out. Anything is possible with God. xoxo


    1. So, so true, Shelli! Jesus’ life on earth was totally amazing, and yet true. And to know that He lived as a commoner . . . sometimes that thought floors me. I’m so amazed by His love for us. Anything IS possible with God.


    1. Isn’t there a relief that we are all at the foot of the cross? This truth reassures me on so many levels, Kim. Thank you so much for stopping by! Merry CHRISTmas to you too. 🙂


  3. oh my goodness, Jeanne, I love your blog! The background picture with the snow falling. The pictures in your post. All so beautiful! I need to get out to CO to visit. Never been there, but seeing these pictures makes me want to visit, and even makes me (almost) like snow. What struck me about your post today is this: Although Jesus was a common man, there was nothing common about Him at all. Wonderful. Beautiful!


    1. Mary, thank you! And thanks for stopping by here. WordPress provides the snow. I admit it, I like it a lot. 🙂
      Isn’t it an amazing thought that Jesus lived just as we do, within the trappings of humanity, yet there was nothing common about Him? What an amazing Savior He is. 🙂
      I hope you have a glorious CHRISTmas!


    1. So true, Christine! We do all need His grace. I see many times daily when I’m leaning on it. Like you, I’m ever grateful for His gift in the manger. I’m truly glad you stopped by, and I hope your CHRISTmas is special!

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  4. That is pretty amazing that God took regular, everyday people like Mary and Joseph and did something amazing through their lives. May He do the same with us, and give us vision to see glorious meaning in our common lives!


    1. I know, isn’t it, Betsy? When I stop to really think about these aspects of the Christmas story and Jesus’ life, His love overwhelms me. And I agree, may He give us His vision and humble hearts so we can see glorious meaning in our common lives.

      I hope your CHRISTmas is a hope-filled, restful one!


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