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Dream: When God Is In the Process

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By +Jeanne Takenaka @JeanneTakenaka

Whenever we make up our minds to do something bigger than ourselves, we’re going to face opposition.

It may look like normal life gone crazy . . .

Physical challenges . . .

Loved ones becoming ill . . .

Unexpected obstacles that crop up . . .

Discouragement . . .

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I dedicated October to being purposeful in pursuing a dream that’s lain on my heart for decades. During this month, Hubby had to travel internationally. One son had football practices and a game four times a week. The other son had Boy Scout meetings and activities. Parenting solo requires time, patience, grace, and eyes to see the needs our boys have . . . and be in the moment to walk with them as they deal with the absence of their father.

The kitchen faucet we had installed seven years ago leaks like a waterfall. Pooling water has damaged the base of the cabinet below it.

Leafy shadowed path

Socks lay around the house. Boys’ magazines sprawl across the coffee table like a covering, rather than being put in their spot.

The house, the car . . . they require our time and attention. To ignore them means problems worsen, rather than disappear.

And don’t forget the boys being home for a week-and-a-half for fall break. Can anyone say, “No time?”

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Life doesn’t stop just because we determine to pursue a dream on our hearts.

It marches forward, with its obstacles and demands. Relationships can’t be put on hold just because we’re going to follow our dream.

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We must decide how important the dream is. And, sometimes we need to say no to other things to make the dream a reality.

If you’re like me, along with the facets that make up our days, we also face fears of rejection of our best efforts.  Or, we hear the lies that say we’ll never really be worthy to deserve obtaining the dream.

The question is: How important is the dream?

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If God has placed it on our hearts . . .

. . . if He’s shown us this is the time to follow after Him in pursuing it,

. . . then those fears and lies have no bearing on the outcome.

The obstacles life deals us will either stop us or strengthen us. I believe God allows some obstacles because they test our determination. They grow our character. They refine and prepare us for the dream to come true.

What will we do with the obstacles that cross our paths? They’re a part of life, whether or not we choose to pursue a dream.

Growth amid the burnscar

When God gives us a dream, we have a choice. Will we grow to be ready for it, or will we shrink in fear from the hard things that come as part of the process?

Sometimes the best effects from following a dream come in the process. Sure, achieving that desire is satisfying, enriching. But the growth through the process—through facing and overcoming obstacles—fosters depth of character within us that comes in no other way. God walks with us through the process, giving us what we need to continue moving forward.

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So, what about your dream? Are you pursuing it? Are you still struggling with fear? When God’s in the dream, in the efforts to achieve it, we can trust His guidance and His outcome. His results may not always look the way we envisioned, but they will be exactly what He intended. His plans are always the best plans.

What about you? What dream is on your heart (if you’re brave enough to share). What obstacles are you facing/have you faced in the process of achieving your dream? What’s  one lesson you’ve learned in following your dream?

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8 thoughts on “Dream: When God Is In the Process”

  1. Thanks Jeanne for the reminder that when our heart’s desire is for a dream or just snuggle in closer to God’s heart, the enemy will fight against us. Right now I sit in God’s rest knowing He has a plan for my future which at the moment feels like a green pasture with no paths, no roads. I wait for Him to lead. An old sci-fi book from years ago had the phrase “waiting is”. Finally I understand it. Today waiting is in God’s rest trusting Him. Hope you have a lovely week!


    1. Yes, sometimes, our call is to wait while God prepares us for His plans. Waiting is . . .hard . . . worthwhile . .. humbling. 🙂 My way of defining waiting. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. 🙂


    1. Ellen, thanks so much for stopping by, and for your words of encouragement. I love that God gives us dreams, and guides us in walking them out. 🙂 I loved your post too. 😉


  2. Funny you should write this post at this time. As I was set to step out into a new ministry next month—a decision that took my wife and I all summer to reach—I now find myself recuperating from a surgery that leaves me unable to walk for six to eight weeks and then a year to full recovery. This ministry had never been a dream of mine but has now turned into one.
    So what’s the deal? Was this not meant for me or is it just as you said, one of life’s unexpected obstacles that crop up?
    I believe by continuing to keep God as the desire of my heart He will direct me to the “dreams” He desires, in spite of the obstacles.
    As for the new ministry, they still want me and say they will work around my recovery. So we will pursue it. Jesus said to Peter “Come” and that is all we can do.
    I guess the best dream we can have is the dream of following His calling—whatever that may be.
    Thanks Jeanne!


    1. Wow, Gene. I’m sorry to hear about the surgery. I hope your recovery is going smoothly. I have no doubt that God will work in and through you as you recover, and as you serve in this ministry. And, I completely agree with your words that when God is the desire of our hearts, He directs us to the dreams He desired to fulfill in/with us.
      I loved your last line: the best dream we can have is the dream of following His calling, whatever that may be!

      I’m saying a prayer for you!


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