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Dream: Pursuing Dreams God’s Way


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My Five Minute Friday prompt this week is—DREAM. This largely unedited “rough draft” form of writing stretches this perfectionist, in the best of ways. I write for five minutes on a given topic. If you’re interested in learning more about 5-Minute Fridays, check out our hostess, Kate Motaung’s site. Or, click on the link at the bottom of this post. As you read my simpler Friday posts, I hope you’ll join in the conversation!


For decades, I was afraid to pursue a dream that had been on my heart since I was about thirteen .  . . To write.

Oh, I’d write in my journal, use descriptive language, and try to be coherent. I developed a love for God through writing out my struggles.

Hearing His voice through the written words, when I could hear it no other way.

But a few years ago, He upped the stakes. Or shall I say, He upped the calling. . .

. . . To take my writing from the privacy of my journal to a much more public, and intimidating venue—blogging and pursuing publication.

He began to prepare me to fulfill the desires He’d placed on my heart as a teen. To write a book.

Sometimes, God walks us through years of equipping—preparation—before He begins to grow those seeds, those dreams, He planted within our hearts.

He allows that dream to die. Not the dream itself, but our perceptions of what the dream would look like.

Then, He begins to give us His vision of what that dream will look like.

Open Gate

One obedient step at a time. It’s only as we take the first step that He shows us the next. We can stop at any stage of the process, but we’re the ones who miss out . . .

. . . On the beauty He’s fostering within us

. . . On the blessings He has for us on the journey

. . . On the closer relationship with Him

. . . On the fulfilling of the dream.

It’s never an easy thing to pursue a dream. I’m still dying to myself one day at a time. Learning to trust Him to bring me to the next place on this writing road. Still releasing my vision for the dream to come true. Still writing, making mistakes . . . and seeing how He brings accomplishments along the way.

Seeing a dream fulfilled is never really a solo project. If it is, I’d bet the dream is incomplete.

Sun dappled road

As I learn how to write for Him—to trust His timing for each step of this journey—I’m a little more conformed into the image of Jesus. Reflecting Him a little more clearly.

What about you? Is there a dream you’re afraid to pursue? What’s stopping you? What’s one lesson you’ve learned as you’ve pursued a God-inspired dream?

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34 thoughts on “Dream: Pursuing Dreams God’s Way”

    1. I agree with you! God IS so good. That He has dreams for each of us that He wants to help us with? Amazing amount of love in that. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by.


  1. Man, several of us wrote tonight about the dream of writing, and it’s just stabbing me. So much so that I know a big, ugly cry is going to descend in very soon. I’ve written in journals since I was in sixth grade. I wrote for my college newspaper. I’ve blogged for seven years.

    But I want to write a book.

    Yet I don’t.

    Because I am afraid.

    I have nothing else to say. This has really stirred me. I pray that God gives you the grace, strength and courage you need to continue to pursue this dream. I’ll gladly buy a copy of whatever you produce!


    1. Marie, I hope you write that book. You have a beautiful voice, and your thoughts? Profound. Don’t let the enemy discourage you from answering the call God’s given you to write, my friend. And, if you had that cry, I hope it was restorative. 😉


  2. I’ve never really been afraid to pursue a dream, though sometimes I was not ready…and in the best instances, like with writing, I knew it. I wanted to write as a teenager, but wrote Blessed Are The Pure Of Heart when I was 46. I could not have written it earlier. I had not lived enough.

    The most important thing I have learned is that my dreams are not ‘mine’, per se; they plug into others’ lives, perhaps as inspiration, in ways that are mysterious to me but quite clear to God. Pursuing dreams is an obligation, because the hopefulness they represent and engender is the raw material God uses to help us – all of us – see the potential in this life we’ve been gifted.

    Hope the above made sense. Pain’s a bit distracting.


    1. Andrew, I love, love your thoughts here. First that our dreams plug into others’ lives. That’s so true. I love that God has multi-faceted ways of working in and through us, including with the dreams He inspires inside us. Secondly, I hadn’t thought about pursuing a dream as an obligation, but your thoughts make sense. When we follow the path God has offered us, others can be lifted up through our obedience.

      And, I know what you mean about not having lived enough. I think, in my adolescence, I knew I wasn’t ready to write a book, but I wanted to. 🙂 It just took a few decades of living and yielding before I stepped into following after this dream.


  3. It’s hard not to look at the numbers…<—you said this in your interview with Asheritah…thank you! I only look at my stats a few times a month. But, I know, like you, the blog for me and for you is for God. He knows who needs to read it, and perhaps it is only me and Him!

    I liked your post here very much, and I too was afraid to go public with my writing. But, in these link ups and in reading other Christian and non-Christian writers' works I am challenged and the writing dream keeps growing! Write on friend! #fmfparty friend, Jenn Cook @graceglimmers #27 spot this week 🙂


    1. Jenn, thanks so much for stopping by! You’re wise to only look at your stats a few times a month. It can be too depressing otherwise. We have to not let our worth be determined those numbers. 🙂 Yes, the writing is for God. Loved your thought about Him knowing who needs to read our posts. Even if it’s just me! 🙂

      I’m so glad the writing dream continues to grow within you. Keep writing, keep following hard after our Father. He knows the timing and the ways He wants to use our words. 🙂 You encouraged me. 🙂


    1. I’m glad this post resonated with you. And, I agree. I think God uses each step, each experience, to prepare us for all He has for us. Have a wonderful Friday, and thanks so much for stopping by!


  4. hi jeanne, i enjoyed meeting you at the fmf intro video:) i also enjoyed your post today. so true! i can’t remember the number of times i had a dream that i thought was going to look a certain way and ended up looking quite different and actually better! the process of having the dream and working it out into reality is often challenging isn’t it? blessings in your writing.


    1. Martha, aren’t we just funny that way? We think we know exactly how that dream will look, and hmmmm, if God doesn’t have a very different (and much better) vision for how it should look? I’m so glad He’s not confined to seeing life moment-by-moment. He knows best, and I’m so glad. Thanks so much for stopping by!


  5. It does seem God doesn’t just give us one big overall dream but He gives us smaller pieces for that dream a step at a time. As a teenager He called me to dream of being a teacher yet that dream died I thought. Actually it didn’t die, He changed it.
    I am praying for you as you continue to dream.


    1. Amy, I like the way you put it. He gives us smaller pieces of the dream in our hearts and puts them together in His perfect way at the right times. I love that you can see that God changed the dream initially planted in your heart. I’d love to hear more about that one day. Thanks for your prayers, and I’m always thankful when you add to the conversation here. 🙂


  6. I get you on this one. Writing and dreaming and Him working things out as we take steps of faith! It’s a terrifying yet beautiful thing all at the same time! I am proud of you and the steps you taking. When we encourage one another we build each other up to keep going forward! Thanks for these encouraging words! Happy Friday to you!


  7. Jeanne,
    yes! “He allows that dream to die. Not the dream itself, but our perceptions of what the dream would look like.

    Then, He begins to give us His vision of what that dream will look like.”
    For me, that was my dream of finding a husband before graduating college. It had become an idol. Once I abandoned the dream, He was able to restore it with His vision of being a wife and mother. And you’re right-seldom can we do that dream alone. He wants to do it WITH us!

    Love and hugs,
    Tammy (tammysincerity) #54 this week


    1. Tammy, I know how dreams become idols. Motherhood was the dream that did that to me. Walking through infertility revealed the idolatry I was practicing in my pining for children. Once He showed me motherhood had become an idol, it was easier (a little) to let go of the dream and trust for God’s best . . . whatever that looked like. It was awhile before He gave children to my husband and me, but they were totally worth the wait. 🙂

      I always appreciate what you add to the conversations over here. Thanks so much for stopping by!


  8. Jeanne you have a way of writing that resonates. Your words more than blessed me today- thank you!


      1. Have a wonderful weekend as well Jeanne. Thank you for your encouraging remarks on my blog as well. I appreciate you!


  9. SO glad you decided to embrace and pursue your dream to write. I am so blessed by your words! I totally agree with that fear, though. I never tell people I’m a writer. I occasionally will say I kinda blog, but I’m still too afraid to embrace the idea that I could actually have something “real” to say.


    1. Ahhh, Annie. What you share on the blogosphere is meaningful and important. And real. 🙂 It took me a long time before I “admitted” to being a writer too. And I think that’s okay. Just don’t deny the words God gives you. 🙂 Thanks for your transparency.


  10. Hi Jeanne, I’m not sure I’ve ever visited over here! I watched the interview and want you to know that you did very well! Enjoyed your post on DREAM! I am over at #57 slot on Kate’s page today!


    1. Mary, it’s nice to meet you. 🙂 That’s my prayer too . . . that the words I write will point people to the Lord, and bring Him glory. Thank you so much for stopping by!


  11. I love how you wrote:
    “As I learn how to write for Him—to trust His timing for each step of this journey—I’m a little more conformed into the image of Jesus. Reflecting Him a little more clearly.”

    I also want to write for Him. Such a beautiful FMF post on the word dream. So glad I stopped by.


    1. Debbie, I love that so many of us have a dream to write and point others to Jesus. Being conformed to Jesus’ image . . . Romans 8:29 is one of my life verses. May we both use our words for Him and reflect Him to the world around us. I’m so glad you stopped by!


  12. Hello friend.
    All I can say is thanks for this post. I wrote 2016 words for a nonfiction piece that I am working on. Even if it goes nowhere, the time spent remembering that God is near was worth the effort. Peace.


    1. Gail, I’m always blessed when you stop by. Good for you on writing all those words! And on stretching yourself with a nonfiction piece. Remembering God’s nearness is always time well-spent. Have a glorious weekend, my friend!


  13. Another great post Jeanne, Seems like I seldom follow my dreams—I’m always called to something else—things I never envisioned myself doing. In a previous comment, Andrew mentioned getting “plugged in” and that is kind of what God has been doing with me, except He keeps plugging me into places I never imagined myself being. To be honest, it’s not always easy to simply agree and follow along. Writing for example, NEVER would I have imagined myself as an author, (I cannot spell and really never enjoyed reading) but I was called to share my story of broken faith, and as a result, I find myself called in even more unfamiliar directions. The great benefit is seen when looking back from the other side of those challenges. Seeing how God equips and leads serves as an encouragement to continue after His Call. On occasion our dreams and His Call are one in the same—but as in my case—usually they are not. I often struggle to align my dreams with His Will—but when I do—it turns out pretty good! Go figure 🙂


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