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Fear: What Comes Next

Zion narrow trail

By +Jeanne Takenaka @JeanneTakenaka

My Five Minute Friday prompt this week is—FEAR. This largely unedited “rough draft” form of writing stretches this perfectionist, in the best of ways. I write for five minutes on a given topic. If you’re interested in learning more about 5-Minute Fridays, check out our hostess, Kate Motaung’s site. Or, click on the link at the bottom of this post. As you read my simpler Friday posts, I hope you’ll join in the conversation!

***Confession: I thought I set my timer, but apparently, I forgot to push START. So, this post went a wee bit over five minutes.


A number of years ago, hubby and I visited Zion National Park to celebrate our anniversary. We hiked and savored God’s beauty surrounding us. We walked on a narrow trail up, up, up, where the only thing to hold onto was a chain embedded into a rock wall. The trail was, maybe, three feet across. Did that strike fear into my closet-adventurer’s heart? Not really.

What left me trembling was what came after that. We hiked along a hidden path that led between trees blossoming in spring. The faint buzzing over our heads didn’t bother me at first . . .

. . . until I saw the trees were in bloom,

. . . and bees doing what they do best—pollinating. Hundreds of them. Around us, mostly above us.

I got hungry and pulled out an apple. Yeah, I’m not sure what I was thinking.

As I ate, and the sweet juices flowed, then the bees became interested in me.

That’s when I trembled from the inside out.

Both of my sisters are anaphylactically ( think I just made up a word) allergic to bee stings. What are the chances that I am?

Zion hiking between rocks

The fear of the possibility of being stung overcame any desire to be an adventurer. All desire to explore God’s nature. I’d had enough.

Isn’t life like that sometimes? We are walking our path, and a bee of uncertainty buzzes around us. We may not notice its presence at first, but something triggers an awareness.

Something awakens that fear within us.

Most often, it’s the unknown that kindles fear to flame within my thoughts and heart.

When I focus on what could happen, rather than Who is surrounding me, fear has its way, leaving me a shivering, shaking mess.

When those bees come around that try to cause us to fear, we need to focus on the Lord. We may end up having to face those things we fear the most. The best thing is, we don’t ever face them alone.

Zion beauty copy

God’s sovereign, and He walks with us. He knows what we need to be craft us into the image of Jesus.

He never forces us to walk alone through those fearful times. When we lean into Him trusting Him, then we can know peace. Peace helps us walk with confidence rather than with shivering fear from the “What if?” question.

I don’t always succeed in trusting Him with the unknowns, but I’m learning to, step by step, and with lots of practice.

What about you? What is one fear you’ve struggled with? What helps you to overcome fearful situations?

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28 thoughts on “Fear: What Comes Next”

  1. Ooooh, man. I AM very allergic to bee stings; almost died from one. That buzzing, I’d just turn around. And I have.

    This is a scary, and lonely time for me; I’ve lost ground to illness in the last week. A lot of ground, and I wonder if I will ever get it back. Fear? perhaps. But it hurts so darn much…and today I was passing out every few minutes while trying to write…that in a way I don’t really care any more. So much has happened; don’t mean nuthin’.

    That’s not nihilism, really. It’s the core belief that I’ll get through this, somehow, whatever the cost, and in the end, it’ll all have been irrelevant to the me that’s grounded in the transcendent.


    Don’t mean nuthin’.


    1. Andrew, though I stand in good company when it comes to bees, I’m sorry you’re so very allergic. And, I’ve been praying for you . . . . lots. You will get through. And being grounded in the transcendent is the best place to be, I’m thinking. I always appreciate your thoughts here.


  2. Oh I’m with you, Sister! I too focus too much on what could be rather than who is surrounding me. I love how you put that into words. I’m going to remember that! Thanks so much for sharing.
    Blessings, Elizabeth
    @Blessed Beyond the Mess


  3. What a story. You had me hearing bees buzzing in my ears. 🙂 Amen to the fact that we never have to walk alone. And I’m learning this truth more and more: “When we lean into Him trusting Him, then we can know peace. ” Great post!


    1. Karen, it’s reassuring to know we never, ever walk alone. When I remember this, it makes it easier to walk my path. Trusting Him = walking in peace. Did I just do math?! 😉 I appreciate you, friend.


    1. You’re so right, Lisa. The enemy does want us to live in fear. I suspect it keeps us living in self-sufficiency, as well. Rather than trusting God, we feel like we can only trust ourselves. And we know we’re not enough to make it through the trials. Fighting the enemy’s lies is the best thing we can do.


  4. Such a good reminder to trust God with our fears! I have had a very similar struggle. I have some serious allergies and there was a time when it seemed like I kept getting into hidden allergens and all those ER visits made me start to tremble over the thought of trying something new. Reminding myself that God is watching over and is in control helped give me the strength to keep from hiding away from the world.


    1. Oh man, Amy. To continually finding yourself with allergic reactions . . . that would be tough, and I can completely see why it could lead you to a place of fear! Good for you reminding yourself that God is watching over you. I love that He gives us strength to be brave rather than to fear. Thanks for sharing a bit of your story here!


  5. Interesting thought that just one little thing awakens that fear in us because it’s so true! So thank you for this reminder to not focus on the fear but who is with us! Happy Friday to you!


  6. wonderful writing and pictures. Isn’t it funny how we don’t think sometimes? an apple was good and refreshing but not to the point of inviting bees. egads that would be very scary. so glad nothing happened.


    1. Oh yes, Sharon. That apple was the perfect, healthy snack. Too bad the bees thought so too! I ended up just throwing it on the ground and hightailing it out of there. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by!


  7. Jeanne,
    I can relate to fear of bees. As a child, a bumblebee landed on my arm and no blowing or shaking would remove it, so I pinched it by its wings and threw it. It returned and stung my other arm. I am not allergic, it turns out.
    All the same, I was nervous for a long time.
    Lately, God has been giving me a new lens for bees, though. I have discovered the wonder of honeybees in our yard. How if I observe closely when they land on dandelions, they are content to work without attacking, just collecting pollen diligently. I have gotten much closer than I ever imagined and have been captivated by the little details of their bodies.
    I delight in their buzz in our apple tree, knowing we will have fruit.
    **Though this is far from the direction you headed in your post**

    The fear, the “what if” belies our security in control. Love that you and I are being allowed to unclasp our perfectionistic controlling hands and allow God to be the one we are secure in.


    1. Oh my goodness, Tammy! You were a brave girl! My first (and only) bee sting happened at 5. I stepped on it, scraped it with my little Tonka truck and was done with it. I didn’t have a reaction that time to the sting, but I’ve been told sometimes the allergic reaction doesn’t happen till the second sting. Haven’t had that one, and I hope I never do. 🙂

      I love your bravery in getting close enough to study the bees. I’ve tried to not instill my fear of these needful insects into my boys, but unfortunately, they picked up on my fear. Sigh. Maybe one day I’ll get close enough to capture some great pictures of one. 🙂

      You’re so right! Fear belies our security in control. I hadn’t put it into those words before, but I think you’re spot on. May we both seek to release control to God and trust where He leads us!


  8. I confess: I laughed a little at the point in your story when you pulled out the apple. That’s something I would have done, and I would have reacted the same way!

    I have been off of my anti-depressant for a little over a year now, and the ride has been anything but smoothe. Panic strikes me at the oddest of times. Stupid times, really. When nothing is even happening to cause fear. A few weeks ago this happened to me and instead of sitting and fretting, I turned to the Word. And, wonder of wonders, it actually worked! I felt a little sheepish since I’ve always known His truth and presence would soothe me but so often I forget to put it into practice. For whatever reason, this experience crystallized the lesson and now I can’t STOP reading the Bible.

    You’re right. We have to focus on Him!


    1. It’s okay to laugh, Marie. 🙂 It was sorta dumb. I love that you’re turning to the Word to ease those fears. We all have them, I’m thinking. God is so faithful to meet us in our need and to wrap us in His love. And not being able to stop reading the Bible? I can’t think of anything better to pursue. 🙂 Thank you for sharing so transparently here!


  9. First, I love Zion! What a beautiful place to celebrate your anniversary!! Second, while I love adventures and hiking, I am not fearless. I have a very grounded appreciation of nature’s power. Your description of the bees buzzing and that fear of being in the wilderness is completely relatable! It’s so true, though, that when we focus on the path ahead, we are safe and protected.


    1. I’m glad I’m not the only un-fear-less adventurer, Annie. 🙂 When we focus on where God’s leading us, we are safe and protected. I’m so glad for that!


  10. Yes, a thousand times yes! We need to learn to look to Who surrounds us instead of allowing fear to magnify the shadows of what surrounds us. You’ve given me something to think about tonight.


    1. Ahhh, Asheritah, I always appreciate when you stop by. Fear does cast shadows. Thank goodness our God sheds the light that chases those shadows away. I’m grateful God surrounds us. Now, if we can walk in that truth . . .


  11. Such a fitting read since I’m heading to the Rocky Mts soon. Luckily I’m not allergic to bees. You’re so right we need to focus on God.

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  12. Overcoming fear is a challenge everyone faces, but fear can at times also be a healthy emotion. The older I get there seem to be fewer things that strike fear into me. That’s probably why I like thunder storms. My wife thinks I’m nuts but when a good storm hits I go outside to watch it. They bring back that sense of fear I knew as a child. Being totally out of control and at the mercy of a powerful storm serves as a reminder of just how small I am in the scheme of God’s immense creation. I often only think of God in terms of mercy and grace and neglect to acknowledge His power, sovereignty, and demand for justice. Storms have a humbling affect and put me back in my place…not sure if there is any benefit in a Bee Sting!

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    1. You’re so right, Gene. We are truly minute in the scheme of God’s creation. I enjoy thunderstorms, as long as I’m not caught out in one. Sitting at home and watching it? Even on a covered patio? I’m good with them. I just like the feeling of protection as I enjoy them. 🙂

      I also like your thought that some fear is good fear. The fear of God and the right perspective of us to Him? That’s always a good fear/reverence to hold in mind.


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