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Kindness: Simple Acts of Kindness

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By +Jeanne Takenaka @JeanneTakenaka

I read a story recently about a teacher who donated a kidney to one of the students at her school. Her selfless attitude convicted me. She saw a need, her heart was moved and she had a way of meeting the need. Her simple act of kindness saved the young lady’s life, and changed both of their lives forever.

When someone gives a piece of their life for your own, how do you respond to that?

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I was convicted by this story because I realized how intro-centered I am. Would I be willing to donate a kidney for someone else? Maybe. Probably.

How can I show kindness to others if I’m not looking beyond the four walls of my home? Beyond the needs of my family?

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Yes, I am called to nurture our two boys, to be a help-meet, companion, friend, lover to my husband. But, I find it far too easy to not look beyond these three men in my family. Am I missing opportunities because my eyes are focused on me more than those around me?

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I know I’m in a season of life where my focus should be on my family. And I’m good with that. But, I’m also challenged to pray for eyes to see the opportunities God offers me to reach out to others with kindness. Maybe through a note written and mailed to encourage another, or cooking a meal for someone who’s sick . . . Or, donating a kidney or bone marrow for someone in need.

I want to be about the work God has for me, not overly focused on the work I have for me. When I’m still before the Lord, when my spirit is listening to His promptings? I may see opportunities to show simple acts of kindness to others.

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When I am focused on completing my own agenda, my spirit isn’t really resting or listening. It’s busy, not still.

There’s a balance between doing the necessary things to care for my family and being open to making detours in my day because the Lord nudges me. I’m still learning how to walk in that balance.


And that young lady who received the kidney? She’ll be graduating from her high school in June. And going on to become a nurse.

You just never know how one simple act of kindness will impact another person.

What about you? When has an act of kindness changed you? How do you show kindness to others?

10 thoughts on “Kindness: Simple Acts of Kindness”

  1. You have shown me so much kindness and support, through your words and prayers…I look to your extended hand, to pull me back to my feet on the most appalling of days, and I treasure them.

    And I do my best to pay it forward, as a grace held in trust.

    And now, the phone back to Barbara!


    1. Andrew, your words of life speak kindness to many around you, not the least of which is me. I’m so, so thankful for the privilege of meeting you and getting to know you in the blog world. And, I’m continuing to pray for you, friend.


  2. The simple elegance of your words so beautifully defines our dance with God in life. We know the general of what we’re called to, but the particulars are what is important. Sometimes I picture God nudging here and speaking His words of direction and encouragement there. My mind says “Oh I should be doing more”. But God says, “Just listen and trust in what I tell you to do.” Simple obedience is my challenge.


    1. Great word picture, Mom. It is a dance we do with God, isn’t it? And you’re right. It’s in the listening and trusting Him that we can hear His voice the most clearly. Simple obedience is my challenge too. 🙂


  3. So true. I’m trying to be more outward focused. It can be so easy to only see the needs of my immediate community that I miss others who are so close. Thanks for the reminder!


    1. Yes, Annie. It’s too easy to be solely focused on those closest to us. I’m working at being better at reaching out to more in my broader community. Kids sometimes demand so much of us that we forget, yes?


  4. Amazing story, Jeanne. Surgery is so scary. It’s hard to take it willingly. Yet, she did for another. Beautiful. I’m just tucking that away in my heart for now … 🙂


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