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Calling: Dwell Where God Calls You

E. Cartier Dwell where God calls you

By +Jeanne Takenaka @JeanneTakenaka

Our pastor spoke these words on a recent Sunday, and they’ve stayed with me.

“Dwell where God calls you.”

God’s placed at least one calling on each of our lives. He has purposes that only we can fulfill. My friend might be able to fulfill my calling to a degree, but not to the the extent that God created me to do so.

But what about when I don’t like the calling, or when the calling is too hard, or when the calling is not the one I wanted?

What then?

Family of shoes

I didn’t ask to be placed on the pathway of infertility. Yet, that was the calling God placed on my life. Well, my husband’s and my lives together. He set us on that path.

And I fought it.

I talked to friends who gave me sure-fire ways to obtain pregnancy. I tried almost all of them.

I read books and articles.

We talked to specialists who did tests. Who laid out options.

Falling from surfboard

In the end, none of them worked. God had a purpose for us to walk on this path. And it about broke me to the core of who I was at that time.

No, it did break me.


Walking that path broke down the pre-conceived safe notions I had about what it truly meant to walk with God. He showed me the differences in what I thought His faithfulness should look like and what it  actually looked like in real time. Moment by moment.

He watched me log my cycles month after month. As I cried bitter tears. As I slowly loosened the grip of each of my tightly-fisted fingers from the dream of motherhood.

I did not want to dwell in that lonely place where He called me.

Surfer silhouette

I wanted to dwell in the calling of motherhood. Of dirty diapers, a few extra pounds, baby food, spit up cloths and lots of laundry. Why couldn’t I dwell in that calling instead of the heart-wrenching one of empty arms?

I see now that God had to work in me to prepare me for the motherhood He called me to. He broke me so He could re-make me into a more compassionate, grace-giving daughter of His. He gifted me with that time so I could discover more about who He really is, what His faithfulness really looks like, and what it really means to walk in His love.

Hungry butterfly

And to believe that He loves me (and each of His children) just as passionately, perfectly and completely as He can. He can’t love me any more than He does, because He already loves me all the way.

Braving the waves

Playing in waves

When God places us in an uncomfortable calling, we need to dwell there. Even when it hurts. God has a purpose in the pain, a purpose in placing us where He does. Sometimes we see it in the moment. Other times, we don’t see it at all.  And that’s okay.

Butterfly landing

When we stay in the center of His will for us, He can create in us a new spirit, one that emulates Him more clearly. When we dwell where He’s called us, without fighting Him, God can do work through us that impacts lives in ways we could never imagine.

“Dwell where God has called you.”

What about you? Where has God called you? How do you work through being in a place you don’t want to be but you know it’s where God wants you for now?

18 thoughts on “Calling: Dwell Where God Calls You”

  1. I’ve been reflecting on the calling, Jeanne and more so the removing of one. It was hard to have God call me out of a place that I felt I’d be anchored forever and my nature was to resist it then. But in hindsight, and as is always the case, He knew best. I couldn’t stay where I was because He didn’t want me there anymore…it was that simple and that complicated. If we fight the calling we miss the equipping and that’s what makes us able to move at all. When we go where He sends us, we can be sure He’ll meet us there…if we’ll let Him!


    1. I loved this! “If we fight the calling, we miss the equipping and that’s what make us able to move at all.” Such wisdom in those words! It is hard to leave one place in our lives and go dwell in another. But you’re right. When it’s time to go . . . it’s time to go. And when we follow the plans He has for us, we can walk forward in His peace. 🙂

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      1. And thank you for sharing your journey with us. It’s a tough one. I have a couple of friends who love children and work with them, but never had their own. You understand their pain. I don’t fully, but I can well imagine. But God has, in the case of the friend who sought Him, provided a place of service–for which she was trained–for her nurturing spirit.


      2. God has a way of equipping us to walk out our days. I love that the Lord gave your friend a nurturing spirit and a place where she can serve Him. And, most likely, the ability to release her dreams for children and let Him replace them with His dreams for her. Thank you for sharing this, Margaret!


  2. Beautiful, Jeanne. My mother always says that we could have searched the world over and never have found the perfect children God had for us. He knew exactly the ones we needed. He’s faithful.


    1. I know what you mean, Shelli. God knew the kids that we should have. He has made us the perfect parents for them. Even when the hard days come with them. I love that He knew the children we needed. And the parents they needed. It’s such a privilege, isn’t it? God IS faithful. Thanks for stopping by, my friend!


  3. Thanks for this, Jeanne. I struggle with imagining my calling is bigger than it is – that I’m not hearing God because I’m not doing grand things. I’m learning that my calling (at least in this season) is to be a mom. So, I’m striving to be the best mom (not perfect, but best!!) because that’s where God has called me.


    1. Good for you, Annie. It’s hard to see the big-ness of a calling when we’re at home, cleaning, playing with our kiddos and cooking meals. But we never know the work God is doing in us and in our children as they watch us live each day faithfully for Him. It’s hard not to compare our callings with those of people around us. Keeping our eyes on Jesus–the best thing we can do. 🙂

      Good for you on focusing on your calling as a mama. It’s a huge blessing to wear that hat!


  4. Thanks for sharing this part of your story. I struggle with not feeling good enough a lot. In many ways its opened up so many doors for reaching out to others and of that I am thankful.


    1. Lisa, isn’t it amazing when God uses our weaknesses to minister to and encourage others? I still struggle with not feeling good enough, but I love that God uses us in spite of our weaknesses sometimes. May He continue to give you a greater sensitivity for reaching out to others!

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  5. I can relate to this through my many years of singleness. I didn’t marry for the first time until I was 40 (8 years ago). I was fulfilled in my career, hobbies, and life events but couldn’t understand why God wouldn’t find me a mate or tell me how to find one. It’s a long story, but the ache you describe reminded me of that longing. You portrayed it so well. Thanks for sharing. Your pictures are beautiful too.


    1. Melodie, I’m so glad God answered your prayers for a husband. I met my husband when I was 28. It felt old compared to so many of my already-married friends then. It’s hard waiting, and depending on God and letting Him be enough for us, isn’t it? I’m blessed that you stopped by.


  6. Hey, my friend. Thank you for sharing from such a deep place. It makes me think of that old Tom Petty song: “The waiting is hardest part…” Except that sometimes when we’re waiting, it sometimes feels that that is the destination itself, not just the process.

    Thankful for you and the gifts God has given you!


    1. You’re so right. Sometimes the waiting does feel like the destination. What a great way to say it! I guess it’s when we keep our eyes on Jesus in the waiting that we can see with a more accurate perspective–it’s the process. Not the end result. Great thoughts!!


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