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Good: What’s Good Enough?

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By +Jeanne Takenaka @JeanneTakenaka

My Five Minute Friday prompt this week is—GOOD. This largely unedited “rough draft” form of writing stretches this perfectionist, in the best of ways. I write for five minutes on a given topic. If you’re interested in learning more about 5-Minute Fridays, check out our hostess, Kate Motaung’s site. Or, click on the link at the bottom of this post. As you read my simpler Friday posts, I hope you’ll join in the conversation!


Most of my life, I’ve struggled with not being “good enough.”

Good enough to be on a worship team.

Good enough to be accepted by others.

Good enough to be affirmed for anything about me or something I could do.

Good. Enough.

I still struggle, some days, with the fear that I’m not good enough.

A number of years ago, I poured out my angst-y heart to the Lord about my inadequacies, my desire to be significant to someone—anyone—in my world. I knew I was significant to my eleven-month old boy. To my husband. But to anyone else? My feelings convinced me I didn’t matter.


Then God spoke to me. He told me I was significant to Him.

I justified why this wasn’t enough.

I know. Stupid idea. Arrogance and ignorance wrapped into one thought.

He asked me if He was enough for me. The question stopped me cold. If He allowed all my friendships to die, and all I had left was my relationship with Him, was that enough?

Conviction stabbed at me when my initial answer, honestly? was no.

Since that time, I’ve learned to lean on Jesus. to believe what He says about me. To let being His girl be enough for me. And finding incredible satisfaction and peace in this acceptance.

To know and embrace the truth that He loves me perfectly, passionately completely.

Crown Cross Stone

And as we head into Easter weekend, we remember the amazing Gift of love Jesus gave us as He hung on a bloody cross. As He took our beatings. As He felt the every thorn of the crown press into His scalp. Blood running down his face, His torso, down to His legs and His toes.

Is that enough for me? For us?


So much more than I deserve. He. Loves. Me. He loves each of us.

And that is Good. And it’s way more than Enough.

We can take that truth, weave it into the fabric of who we are. If we let it, this truth can mend wounds in our hearts and make us clearer reflections of Him to the world around us.

What about you? How have you worked through the question of significance? How has the knowledge that God loves you completely changed you? 

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16 thoughts on “Good: What’s Good Enough?”

  1. Jeanne- this is beautifully written, full of truth, encouraging, and convicting. I live out a YES to this answer “Is the gospel enough for me?” every day- even in the shadow of the cross. Thank you for sharing your journey and your gift here. Happy Easter!


  2. We were talking yesterday at MOPS about the feelings of inadequacy in motherhood. And that we must remember that God chose us to mother our specific children. And that we are enough. For them, for motherhood, to serve God. It’s hard to believe, and something I need to be reminded of. Thank you.


    1. Annie, I’ve been there. With my boys, I’ve had those days where I’ve asked God why He gave our boys to us, for me to mother. I’ve fallen so short some days. As we all do. But, He knows what He’s doing when He places the children He does in our homes. Thank goodness He knows better than I do! You will need the reminder again. 🙂 Have a fun Easter with your man and your girl.


  3. I, too always struggled with the feelings of not being good enough. Remembering that He is the only good in me is always good. Thanks for helping me remember.


    1. Amy, thanks so much for sharing a piece of you. I know I’m not alone in that struggle, but I’m sorry you’ve dealt with those feelings too. He is the only good in us. Good words. 🙂 Have a great Easter!

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  4. I can so relate to this. I’ve struggled most of my life with not feeling good enough. I want to be valued by others in all the “good” things I’m doing.

    Such a hard conviction: “If He allowed all my friendships to die, and all I had left was my relationship with Him, was that enough?” Definitely something I need to process!

    Wonderful post, Jeanne!


    1. Liz, that desire to be valued by others . . . it’s such a hard one to turn our backs on, isn’t it? Thank goodness we don’t have to do “good” things to be accepted by God. He already accepts us because He loves us so much. Hard for me to imagine on my ugly days!

      I still have to come back to that question sometimes. I wish I was further along on this journey, but I’m where i am. Struggling, failing, re-beleiving God’s words about me and walking forward again.

      I hope your Easter is glorious!

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  5. Yep, I can relate. Receiving fresh revelation of His love daily is my quest. We seem to always need re-minding! And truly, we can love others because He first loved us. “Good” post! 🙂


    1. You have a good quest, Lisa. And yes, I definitely need re-minding about where my thoughts are and the truth about how very much God loves us.

      I hope your Easter holds much joy! Thanks so much for stopping by!


  6. How your writing does bless the reader! Great post reminding us all of the question~ if only God loved me, would that be enough? Wow! A challenge indeed, but I thank God that He loves me~ without that no other love would be enough. May the joys and victories of Easter be yours!


  7. Being comfortable in our own skin is a great blessing and it frees us to become the person God intended us to be. God didn’t ask me to attain some high and perfect stature before coming to Him, instead He invited me to “Come as you are.” Over the years I’ve learned that my idea of significance was much different than God’s. Sometimes I wish I could start life all over again!


    1. Gene, such wise words here! I’m finding that when I am comfortable with who God’s created me to be, there is such peace in that. Isn’t it interesting how different what we think makes us significant is often so different from what makes us significant in God’s eyes?

      As always, I appreciate your wisdom.


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