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Gratitude: Makes Life Rich


D Bonhoeffer gratitude makes life rich1

By +Jeanne Takenaka @JeanneTakenaka

With this being the week we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States, I thought it fitting to keep the post a little shorter and to meditate on gratitude.

Many thoughts filter around the internet about being thankful. This one from Dietrich Bonhoeffer stirs my spirit.

We have been given much. How often do we take time to 1) think about the many small gifts that enter into our day and 2) take time to acknowledge them with a thankful heart?

Whether the gratitude is for . . .

—each breath we take

—a car that runs

—a person who truly loves us—even when we’re unlovely

—a blue sky after a storm

—the beauty left behind after snow falls

—pets that are unfailingly loyal

—the hug of a child, or spouse, or friend

—food on the table

—a roof over our heads

—unseen protection

—God’s grace strengthening us

. . . we should be purposeful in acknowledging each gift.

We give of ourselves to those around us. This is good. But, let’s also take time to thank our Father for the many, many gifts He gives each day.

Whether we have a lot or we have little in terms of material goods, we have been given much by our Father. When we take time to thank Him for what He’s given, our lives become rich.

When we choose gratitude, I believe peace is a byproduct of this practice.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States, my hope is that you can truly enter into a place of giving thanks for what you have been given.

Happy Thanksgiving!

What about you? What is one gift—big or small—you are thankful for? Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions you care to share?

7 thoughts on “Gratitude: Makes Life Rich”

  1. Good morning Jeanne,

    I wanted to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for God’s whisper to nurture the hope that hope still exists.

    Please pardon the formality of tone; I had a bit of physical trouble in the past few days, and concentration is both difficult and tiring.


    1. Thank you, Andrew. I’ve noticed you went quiet, so I’ve been praying. Hold onto hope. Hope is always a good thing to be thankful for. I’ll be praying for your Thanksgiving too.


  2. Love this, Jeanne. Such a great reminder to be intentional in our thankfulness and choose it rather than rush through it…taking the time for thanks. I loved “a person who truly loves us-even when we’re unlovely”…yup, that’s a good one and I can think of a few who live with me. 🙂 Thank you for sharing and Happy Thanksgiving!


    1. Tiffany, thanks so much for stopping by! Choosing thankfulness comes through practice, doesn’t it? And yes, I have a few who love me even when I’m unlovely. So, so thankful for them. 🙂 I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful too!

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  3. You are right. That gratitude does make us rich. Almost like a hidden treasure trove within our own lives. That we stumble by without taking notice each day. It’s there, but only until its cracked open and the individual items are pulled out, examined, and pronounced as gifts do they really become our riches. We own them in our life when we decide to name them in thanksgiving. Loved this!


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