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Surgery: Working Through Hidden Hurts


Almost two weeks ago, my right side and back throbbed with pain. I suspected it was a kidney stone. Past experience revealed nothing would ease the pain, and I’d have to grit my way through it. The low-grade fever concerned me. The pain worsened the next morning.

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Stillness: 5 Benefits of Forced Stillness


Being in a place of forced stillness this week, I’m meditating on what can be gained through this “season.”

I would rather be busy about my life, moving and shaking through my days, accomplishing much. But, God has me in a place of forced stillness. So, I will choose to embrace it, to lean into the Lord and to live in the now. Not in the “must do’s.”

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Easter: All For Love by Jeanne Takenaka


What is Easter to you?

Do Easter egg hunts, brunch with the family, pretty dresses and Sunday service comprise your day? These are a part of our day as well.

The older I grow, the more I yearn to glimpse beyond the surface of the day, to Jesus. To what He did because He loves me, and all His creation. He purposely endured betrayal by one of His own.

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Accident: Perspective on Momentary and Eternal


It was one of those mornings. The ones where one or both boys were dawdling, despite my best efforts to prod them forward. One boy sprinkled sugar on the morning, while the other acted out in all his pre-teen glory, pouring attitude at every opportunity.

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