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Forgiveness: What If . . . . . ?


What If . . . I could see those who have hurt me through eyes of compassion?

What if . . . I could completely forgive them, release the desire to hold onto the hurt—choosing to forget rather than remember the pain?

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Dealing With Fear: Walking Through Marked Doors


My friend, Beth Vogt, talks about the things that happened in her life when she opened the door marked, “Never.”

I’ve been thinking about that idea of doors in my life. Which doors I’ve opened. Which ones I’ve kept closed and locked up tight.

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Affirmation: Five Truths From The Lego Movie


Being the mother of Lego-lovin’ boys, it’s a given that we would see The Lego Movie. There were so many truths woven into the storyline.

Though the overriding theme of the story is that everyone is special, one of my favorite sub-themes was the importance of affirmation. Emmet, the main character is just another Lego construction guy.

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Perspective: Four Thoughts on Finding Beauty in Stormy Relationships


It was one of those mornings. One kid woke up stormy, lightning and thunder flashing through back talk and attitude. When things didn’t go his way, we all paid for it as his words rained down stinging with their touch. We all, each of us, left the house unsettled and ugly.

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