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Being Grateful For All Things


How many times have I chosen bitterness or irritation over gratefulness in the midst of difficulty?

After being humiliated?

How often have I held onto the pain rather than look for even one small reason to thank God?

And disappointments? Don’t get me started on those.

Yet, I find encouragement in this quote today. Because it is one step from bitterness to gratitude. Two small words. And one big perspective shift.

It begins with a willingness to look beyond the initial hurt of a difficulty, a disappointment, a failure, of being humiliated. Sometimes, I must choose to move beyond the pain and into the beginning of healing. Into a place of rest, of peace.

And it begins with a simple choice.

As I make the decision to stop allowing these situations to dominate the way I perceive them, as I take my eyes off of me and place them on the One who created me, then I take one more step into spiritual maturity.

When I can say, “Thank You,” for allowing these into my life, I can walk in Jesus’ peace. Difficulties will visit another day, but when I choose thankfulness over bitterness, I am strengthened to walk through them in peace.

What about you? How do you move beyond the pain of life’s challenges into a place of gratitude? What’s a lesson you’ve learned through struggles that you’re thankful for now?

6 thoughts on “Being Grateful For All Things”

  1. Hoo boy. This is an interesting one.

    When my remission ended, I took the attitude that the pain and discomfort that came were a learning experience, and that I was grateful for the opportunity to develop compassion for those who had it worse.

    And did that create a lot of static! It seemed that many people resented my attitude, and actively tried to convince me to replace gratitude with self-pity. Instead of looking at what I could still do, I was urged to become an invalid.

    What a crock, eh?

    The attempts were not successful, but they did have a corrosive effect on my thinking, to the point where I stopped looking at the experience with gratitude, and began to consider it as just something which which I had to deal..

    “I’m thankful for the opportunity to develop compassion” was replaced with “don’t mean nothin’.”.

    Unexpected, the whole thing…especially coming from Christians.


    1. Wow, Andrew. That’s a tough situation to deal with. To be in a situation where you try to live above the circumstances and then have fellow “believers” try to bring you down is hard to withstand. It’s like people want us to be like them rather than seek to be like Jesus.

      I admire your desire to grow in compassion toward others. I’m praying for you as you walk this one out.


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