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The Power of Gratitude


The month of November always finds me thinking about gratitude and having a heart of thanksgiving.

I came across this quote, and was challenged by the power gratitude holds. If we choose gratitude, it fills us, changes us and can bring peace to soothe heartache.

When we focus on being thankful for what we have—being content with that—it is enough. To see how gratitude changes hearts and perspectives . . . that is the “more” we receive when we practice gratitude.

I’m keeping it short today.

Your turn: What gifts have you’ve received as a result of gratitude? Have you ever received some “more” after choosing gratitude? What is one thing you are grateful for right now?

16 thoughts on “The Power of Gratitude”

  1. I have had a rough time in the last four years. I guess what I am most grateful for today is that I am finally beginning to take back MY life and live it my way. it isn’t easy and I am just getting started. I may regress from time to time but my intention is to keep moving forward.


    1. Joyce, I’m sorry your last four years have been difficult. I’m glad you are in a place to keep moving forward. I hope you’ll find something in each day to be grateful for.

      It’s nice to “meet” you. Thank you so much for stopping by!


  2. You’re absolutely right, Jeanne. There is no greater feeling of peace than being grateful for what we have. We’re satisfied and can rest knowing our needs have been met. And, it seems God then blesses us abundantly above anything we could hope or imagine. Amazing how that works.


    1. I’ve found that when I can see something to be grateful for in a difficult situation, it changes my perspective for the better. And yes, it brings peace to my spirit too. I love your thoughts here today, Reba!


  3. Yesterday I was listening to a podcast in which I heard the most profound statement: it’s impossible to change your situation without changing your perception of it. Perception is a choice. When I choose to be grateful, no matter the situation, my perception of the situation changes for the better, and that changes my situation. I’m trying hard to remember that, and to choose to look for something to be grateful for in every circumstance. I’m not very good at this, but I’m sure trying. Thanks for this post, Jeanne. I needed it today. 🙂


    1. Laura, I’ve been finding that statement to be true as well. Choosing how I see a situation definitely affects my response in the midst of it. Sometimes I need another’s eyes and words to help me re-view my situation in a different light, if that makes sense.

      Maybe we can both encourage each other in how we perceive situations we face.

      I’m so glad you stopped by today!


  4. I am glad to still be alive, to write, to weld, and to take care of my wife and my dogs (OK, yes, the cats too). I don’t know how long I will enjoy that privilege; and it doesn’t matter, as long as I appreciate each moment to the best of my ability.

    ‘Ability’ does change – and part of gratitude is accepting that some days will be better than others in terms of morale and thankfulness, and being OK with that.

    One thing I’d like to add, if I may – and that it to watch out for ‘gratitude thieves’, who will try to water down your thankful feelings to correspond to THEIR impression of how you should react to illness or hardship (kind of like Job’s wife).

    I think their problem is that they don’t feel they could be as grateful to the Almighty under your circumstances, and they want to lower the bar for themselves.

    But they can help us – being glad we ain’t like them is one more thing for which to be thankful!


    1. Gratitude Thieves—well named Andrew! I’ve definitely come across those.

      I love your realistic perspective on life and living each day as it is. I hope this day is a good one for you!


  5. I think every time I choose gratitude, my heart is changed. God is so good, to show me that now matter how rough things feel, I can always give a little of myself to someone else. That makes all the difference.


    1. Lisa, I love this. The thought of being willing to give a little of ourselves to someone else takes our eyes off of us and opens our hearts to gratitude, to the satisfaction found in helping others. What a great concept. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by.


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