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Autumn Beauty: This Moment


This autumn, our colors have been particularly brilliant. Or perhaps, I’m more aware of them. Maybe it’s because I’m growing older, but I find that I want to soak in the beauty of each moment. . . .

Walking around our neighborhood and glimpsing two trees side-by-side—one sun-kissed yellow, the other rich shades of magenta—stops me in wonder.


My heart pauses to absorb the colors.

Strolling in a nearby open space, fallen leaves crunch underfoot while leaves above me reflect colors of the sunlight shining through them.



Sometimes, I stop, just to admire the hues God paints with.

It’s so easy to glance to the side of the road in my frantic drive through this season. To observe the colors and focus on where I need to go next. To center in on the items on my to-do list.



Snow crowns nearby mountains, reminding me winter is coming. There’s beauty in that season too.

But am I going rush through the beauty of now to prepare for what’s coming? 

Autumn Berries

It’s like God is trying to teach me to Just. Breathe.

To slow down and enjoy the beauty He crafted for today. He’s inviting me to enter into gratitude, to experience a bit of His glory, His joy.



I’m choosing to live in the beauty of now.

How much I would miss if I was too busy looking forward. Busy anticipating what might come, planning my future days, rather than fully embracing this day. This one season.

Autumn Bare Branches

Some moments demand that I “be all in” that moment. 


Not so focused on the needs of for tomorrow that I miss the glory of today.


I’m opening my eyes wide to take in what God has done in creating this season. It leaves me speechless with gratitude to Him.

What about you? What is your favorite season? Why do you like it? is there anything that leaves you speechless? 

6 thoughts on “Autumn Beauty: This Moment”

  1. These wonderful pictures remind me of a classic fall moment.

    When I lived in San Diego, the backyard was dominated by a mulberry tree. Every fall, the yard would be awash in leaves.

    The dogs would pick one particular leaf out of about 20,000 and engage in a frantic game of keep-away. It had to be THAT LEAF, until it was worn down to nothing.

    Then they would…sorry…turn over a new leaf, and begin again.


    1. What a fun memory, Andrew! I didn’t realize we have San Diego in common. I went to college out there, and worked for a few years until I got my first contracted teaching position further north.

      What fun it must have been to watch the dogs find their one leaf and play with it. I love the image of that.


  2. LOVELY photos, Jeanne.

    I love summer. I like spring, I enjoy fall, and I utterly loathe winter, after December 25th, that is.

    With my joints the way they are, winter is somewhat nerve-wracking, to say the least.

    But summer? Summer is flowers and warmth and sun dappled in the yard. It’s irises and delphineum dancing for top spot in my perennial garden. It’s the kids on their bikes, playing games with their friends, long into the warm night. It’s…ahhhh.


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