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Adventure: Do I Need It?

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Skiing down a double diamond black run. Sky diving. Rock climbing. Zip lining. Mountain climbing. Tent camping. These all fall under the category, “Adventure” in my book. With the exception of tent camping (which I last did about eighteen years ago), and skiing (blue runs and one black, once. By accident), I have yet to attempt any of these activities.

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I’ve been pondering the question, “Do I need adventure?” Some months back, I read a blog post by literary agent, Rachelle Gardner. It got me thinking about adventure. My life is pretty tame. I’m a stay at home mother, part time writer, fully-in-love wife, and a home body. I’m happy with my life. Many friends have mastered one or more of the items on my “Adventure” list. Why haven’t I tried them? Fear? The sacrifice of time? Then I wondered, “Am I missing something?”

I have been content with my safe life, a life I can control. I set my daily schedule, determine—for the most part—what I do in a day and when.  Safe can equal mundane. A thirst is growing within me to try things I’ve never done, like riding a zip line. I’d like to attempt indoor sky diving and rock climbing. Trying something new adds depth and vibrancy to life. If I can accomplish it, I gain satisfaction from  doing something I thought I couldn’t do.

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Some adventures require me to trust God in order to accomplish them. I’ll have to move out of my safe zone into the “trust zone.” God is not a safe, tame God. He is trustworthy though. The question becomes—do I want to live a comfortable, mundane life and think I’m in control of things? Or, do I want to “live on the wild side” of adventure? Am I willing to step out and trust Jesus to lead me each day—both in daily living and in seeking to do things that force me to rely on Him? I’ve lived tame. I’m developing a taste for some adventure.

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What about you? What’s the biggest adventure you’ve lived? What’s one thing you’d still like to try?

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  1. I like being home with family. That said, I also like scrambling over large rocks and hiking up in the mountains where there are no trails. I despise heights, but I think skydiving would be fun. I’m currently working on getting my armour completed to be able to participate in medieval armoured combat (using rattan as a “sword” rather than steel).


    1. Gabe, being home with family is one of my favorite things too. It’s obvious you have a spirit of adventure. I would never have thought to include medieval combat as adventurous—it’s not on my radar—but now that it is, that definitely sounds exciting. And making your own armor? Wow, I bet that will be good. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this!


  2. I can’t ski to save my life. I have TRIED. I amused everyone except the other people on the rope tow. 😀
    But, I’ve rocked climbed in BC, body surfed off the coast of Brazil, walked through the Amazon jungle, swam in the Amazon River, spent many days and nights in the High Valleys of the Bolivian Andes, breathless and ecstatic, climbed the steps of the Roman Colosseum and the amphitheatre in Ephesus, stuck my toes in the Aegean and…AND…been kicked out of Green Gables on PEI.
    I would dearly love to see the Outback. One day….


    1. Yes, Jennifer, when I thought of this post, your picture showed up in my mental dictionary, right next to the word, “Adventure.” And for the record, rope tows are H-A-R-D. I enjoy skiing, but my knees don’t like it so well anymore. I love that God has given you so many opportunities to be adventurous!


    1. Letting go of control is hard for me too. God keeps reminding me He’s in control. Sometimes He lets me think I have some control, but not for long. 🙂 I understand, “play it safe.” Have a great day, Lisa!


  3. Adventure – An exciting or very unusual experience; a bold, usually risky undertaking.

    Adventure doesn’t have to be some sporty, physical thing. It can be witnessing to someone who might not respond well. It can be putting yourself out there with your book knowing it’s going to get rejected before it’s ever accepted. It can be a mission trip (as close as your own hometown or as far as Africa) where you know you aren’t going to be as comfortable as you like. It can be a major life decision like getting married, having a child, or moving across country.

    I don’t do sporty adventure much. I’m a klutz who’s wiggy about heights. Even so, I think my opportunities for adventure are boundless. It just depends on how I look at it.


    1. I love this perspective, Sarah. My friend who read this yesterday said some similar things. Adventure can be doing something that is risky for us. Going to the Philippines was an adventure for me. Writing a book is a huge adventure for this “likes to be in control” girl. 🙂


  4. Yes, I’m not very adventurous either. God isn’t a safe God, but he does allow broken legs…. 🙂
    I like Sarah’s view, that adventure doesn’t have to be sporty — it can just be stepping out in faith somewhere you might otherwise choose not to go. Hmm, things to think about…


  5. I’m not the most adventurous person either…probably because I like to be in control of situations. But adventures do make good writing fodder. 🙂

    And I like Sarah’s perspective as well. Adventure is simply stepping out of your comfort zone — taking risks — and trusting God to take care of the rest. So yes, writing a book and working toward publication are HUGE risks for us. But God is trustworthy, like you said. I’m so glad He is! Life would be so boring without Him.


    1. I couldn’t agree more, Lindsay. Life would be boring without Him. And I like your statement, “adventures do make good writing fodder.” 🙂 Fun perspective!


  6. One thing Dad and I agree on is that living for God creates a life that is never boring!! Adventure is fun and I’d love to zipline through the tree tops in South America. Sometimes [like the eyes being bigger than the stomach] my appetite for things turns out to be bigger than my current age can digest. Hmmmm. Oh well! God manages to give me adventures enough to satisfy my spirit, adventures that fit exactly what I’m truly hungry for.


    1. I love your thoughts on adventure, Mom. If I do get to zipline this summer, I think I’ll start with a smaller scale adventure. 🙂 And yes, God does give me the amount of adventure He knows I can handle at a given time/in a given season.


  7. I’ve had a few adventures. A lot of them involved some pretty unfriendly and highly motivated people. It was an interesting life, and I’m surprised I ain’t dead.

    Or maybe I am, and God never got around to telling me?

    I’m a sucker for speed and heights. Barbara does not like to test drive cars with me – she does not see why one should know if a prospective vehicle can smoothly go through a handbrake turn at 80 mph, nor why it’s important to know how fast the thing can actually go.

    And heights! I did a lot of man-aloft work, and find that there’s nothing like it. You get privacy, that way. No one bugs you, and if they do you can drop stuff on them.

    Physical adventure is part of my makeup. If I try to be sensible and act my age, I’m not fulfilling the ‘joyous’ part of the plan that God has for me – and my ministry suffers.

    You can only be a good minister if you’re authentically God’s person.

    So I guess that my last words in this life will be…

    “Hey, guys, watch THIS!”


    1. Andrew, you made me laugh out loud. I love that you know what fuels you—speed and heights, among other things. You bring up some great points amid your fun humor. Knowing and embracing how God has created us enables us to fulfill the plans He has for us. And your line, “You can only be a good minister if you’re authentically God’s person.” spoke volumes to me. I’m honored you stopped by today. Thanks!


  8. This is why I like to also frequent travel and adventure sites. If I can’t go right now, at least I can watch and read about others who are. Another benefit you haven’t mentioned is that some adventure would enhance your writing, and ideas to write about as well.


    1. Peter, what a great idea to frequent those sites. I’m so glad you mentioned it. And you’re right, living an adventure makes for great writing fodder! Thanks for stopping by!


  9. Hi Jeanne! Loving your site! What a gift for writing He has given you. You make me feel like I am sitting at your table, sharing coffee and conversation.

    Typically, when I think of adventure, I do think of adventure as something new and exciting – exhilarating even – being added to my life, giving it “vibrancy” as you stated so well. However, I was surprised when darker circumstances of my life came to mind – some very challenging trials – unintended on my part – but not on God’s.

    It is now when I reflect back on those times and see God’s covering presence and guidance that I can in hindsight say that I believe those qualify as ‘adventures’ which added to my life in very unexpected and good ways. (Romans 8:28-29; Rom 5:1-5).

    “Of course He [Christ] is not safe… but He is good” (C.S. Lewis, Chronicles of Narnia/The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe).

    As far as PLANNED adventure. I am loving being stretched as my horse pal and I partner up in Extreme Cowboy Racing. Who would have thought? We’re not in it for ribbons or buckles but for improving the trust between us and having fun. I’m loving the ride! Yee-haw and Hoo-yah!

    What would I like to try? To be bold in my faith and share the gospel of Christ with others… perhaps street witnessing… and to trust the Lord with the results.

    God bless you Mrs. T!




    1. Mickey, you’re right. Sometimes we don’t find “adventure,” it finds us. Walking through dark days can be an adventure, depending on how we handle it. Do we take the reins and lean into Jesus, or do we let it bury us?

      Extreme cowboy racing….sounds like fun! And definitely trust-building between you and your horse. Have fun, my friend!


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