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Life Influencers

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Who has influenced your life? My life bears the imprints of a number of amazing women.

My mom’s fingerprints have left the greatest imprints on my life. She’s as abstract as I am concrete in the ways she thinks. Sometimes in a conversation, we take different paths, but we often end up at the same conclusion. She’s exuberant and joyful. In my high school years (and even today), she helped me not take myself too seriously. We are very different. Yet we each fill a necessary role in helping each other become more balanced and complete.

When I left home for college, God gave me Marian, another wonderful mother-figure. Her quiet witness influenced me in many ways as I watched her live for Jesus in front of family and friends. Marian opened her home and heart to me as I figured out who the “grown up me” would be. She, her husband and their sons allowed me to become a member of their family after college.  Certain I would only live with them for a few months, I hunted for a teaching job. Two-and-a-half years later, I finally landed my first contracted position. During that time, she watched over me and challenged me to go deeper in my relationship with Jesus. Marian blessed me with friendship, transparent and deep. Her influence of grace helped mold me into the woman I am today.

Mom and Me-Christmas 2012
My mom and me, Christmas 2012

Other women walked alongside me, sharing their wisdom, as I stepped into the new roles of wife and mother. Their responses to life’s circumstances have influenced me when I’ve lived through similar situations. They have prayed for me and offered me the gift of friendship.

I love how God created us with a need for relationship. We can’t do life well all by ourselves. God has given me opportunities to walk beside and encourage other women along their life’s journeys. I’m grateful for the imprints women have pressed into my life. I’m still a work-in-progress, but I’m much further along because of the influence of godly women.

What about you? Who has had an influence in your life? How are you influencing others?

13 thoughts on “Life Influencers”

  1. Imprints are so important, aren’t they? Many women have imprinted my life. My mom left the biggest, her four sisters, my sister, cousins, friends along the way, and friends who fill my life now. Right now my heart is being imprinted with my two daughters’ hands. Next to my mother’s, they are leaving the deepest imprints, yet.


    1. Yes, Gabrielle, imprints are important. It sounds like your life is full of women imprinting on your life. And I know you leave many imprints of wisdom and encouragement on the lives of others.I love the picture of your heart being imprinted with your daughters’ hands. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by today!


  2. Thanks daughter! You know you have imprinted mine as we share how God is working in our lives. You have a good grip on a picture I have not looked at for awhile. I am so thankful that Marian was there for you. Do you remember how God orchestrated all that?


    1. Mom, I love how God uses us in each others’ lives. 🙂 I do remember how God brought Marian into my life. He weaves things together perfectly, yes? Thanks for stopping by today. 🙂


  3. It’s so important to stop and think (and thank) the people who influenced us, who have changed us. Little did I know when I met you in a women’s Bible study a few years back (ha!) that you would influence me in so, so many ways. You, dear friend, are such a woman of faith and prayer and you remind me to trust God and to stay in close communion with him.


    1. Awww, thanks, Beth! I thank God over and over again for that day I met you in Bible study. For what it’s worth, your transparency and encouragement have been a balm to my soul more times than I can count. 🙂 You’ve definitely left imprints on my life.


    1. Thanks, Melanie. God’s ways of imprinting our lives come unexpectedly at times. Like during worship practices (MANY years ago), right? You’ve been a sweet imprint on my life.


  4. Other than family, and my husband, one person who greatly influenced me , and still does, is a man named Alex Muir. He has lead over 20 mission teams to Bolivia to deliver short wave radios to the Quechua Indians in the Andes. The teams have delivered roughly 30,000 radios, each radio can reach up to 30 people. Yup, these radios, made in Canada, have the potential to reach 900,000 people with the Gospel. The Quechua are the largest unreached people group in South America, if not the Western Hemisphere.

    He is the person who told me to think of myself as Jesus sees me. Lovely, lovable and worth dying for.

    One day, in a remote village on a very hot day, I handed out 12 radios, shook hands, smiled, told them God loved them…and then Alex said “Do you know what you just did?”
    “Handed out 12 radios?”
    “You handed an entire village the Gospel. Those men were all from the same village.”

    I cried like a baby.


    1. Oh Jennifer. Those kinds of influencers speak truths to our spirits, not just our hearts. I love how God has used him in your life. And how you have been used in the lives of many as an influencer–especially the Quechua. Thanks for sharing your story! I love it.


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