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Time: Gift Or Given?

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“Time to go.”

“So many books. So little time.”

“Time flies when you’re having fun.”

How many sayings are out there about “Time?” Time is one thing that sets definite boundaries around our lives. We receive twenty-four hours each day. No more. No less. Let’s face it: women have lots to do. I often cram as much as I can into a day.

Cynthia Heald said something that’s stayed with me: “Time is a gift, not a possession.” Simplicity views time as a gift, not a given. I tend to take time for granted. I figure I’ll have time to do ____________ (fill in the blank) later. That way I can do ______________ now. If time is a gift, should I assume I’ll have an unlimited amount of it? None of us knows how many days we’ll walk this earth.

Some days, I tear off the pretty paper my day comes wrapped up in and empty out the beauty it holds. I fill it up with a multitude of commitments and tasks. I miss opportunities to live out simplicity by slowing down long enough to admire the beauty around me. Early morning bird-song, tulips poking up through hard ground, and snow capped mountains are some of the beauty that surrounds me. How determined I am to “X” off as many items on my to-do list as I can.Image

Being completely honest, I tend to focus more on my daily agenda than on slowing down to soak in the beauty all around me. Sometimes, those to-do’s, though necessary, are the good things, not the best things.

As one of God’s girls, I’m challenged to take time each morning to ask Him what He wants for me that day. Giving Him permission to hijack my plans sets me outside my control-comfort zone. When I loosen my fingers from the list, He gently takes it. He leads me through His plans and gifts me with a satisfied “Ahh, now that was a good day,” as I lay my head on my pillow.

One aspect of living a life of simplicity is not insisting that I control how I spend every moment. Trusting God to take my hand and lead me through the day isn’t easy for this woman who thrives on “working her plan.” When I surrender control, God always has a way of showing me His best. He also gives me peace when He decides to change my plans.

I know I’ve stayed with the topic of simplicity for a long time. Thanks for bearing with me as I put words to the lessons I’m learning. I promise to have a different topic come Thursday (grin).

What about you? Do you have a saying about time that stays with you? How do you plan out your days?

11 thoughts on “Time: Gift Or Given?”

  1. Such a great theme ~ well worth a few days of contemplation! Sometimes I can successfully ask the Creator to slow down time for me. Have you ever done this? He is so gracious to us when we ask. :)) It’s fun when He ‘makes’ the time for us to finish a task. He is a marvelous Dad!


  2. Ah, control…you’ve touched on such a good subject here. I am such a planner. Often, too much so. I worry that I won’t finish everything I need to. But you’re right…there are times we can hold our schedules too tightly, and God has someone he maybe wants us to use our time to bless. This morning, I’d planned on going to the gym. But last night, I stayed up late talking to a friend who needed it. And you know what? I don’t feel bad about that decision. It’s just one example of how God is all about people–and maybe if I let him direct my time, my life will be more of a blessing to others than if I try to do it all myself.


    1. Lindsay, I think we must have a lot in common. 🙂 I’m glad you got to encourage your friend. And you’re right, God is all about people. The gym will always be there, and you’ll find many other opportunities to work out. Good for you in putting on the mind of Jesus to spend time with your friend. I love when God gives those opportunities, and we can take them, and He blesses us for sharing His heart. Thanks for sharing today!


  3. Sadly reminded this week, how precious each moment is. I tend to be really driven, but this is a perfect reminder, sometimes you just have to soak it all in and grasp that gift of all God has given you.


    1. You’re right, Lisa. I thought about you as I revised this post (I wrote it last week). We need to live in a state of soaking in all God gives us, not taking it/them for granted. Thanks so much for the reminder. May He comfort you and your friend’s family.


  4. As a mom, my days are fairly planned already. But as me? Some days I LET myself do nothing. Other days, I cram in all I can!! Time is a gift, to be shared, given and even stolen. But we cannot make it up, nor can we take it back. It is gone before we can acknowledge it. It is fleeting.

    Unless we’re with an awkward person, then it does that whole Twilight Zone thing and strecthes!


    1. Jennifer, you make me laugh. 🙂 Yes, those rare occasions when I WISH time would speed up, it usually pulls a Twilight Zone and slows WWWAAYY down. 🙂 I love your thoughts about being able to give and receive the gift of time.

      Thanks for stopping by, my friend.


  5. What a timely (no pun intended) thought, Jeanne! As I am working on regaining strength and stamina there are definitely days when I am irritated with the lack of “work” I am able to accomplish. But the sweetest days are the days when I can just receive what the Lord has for my day and for my relationships. I’m with you, sister!


    1. It’s interesting to see how God borders our time, isn’t it, Mel? I love how you’re leaning into what you’re able to do for the day and focusing on Jesus and relationships. You are a great example of being Jesus with skin on. 🙂


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