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Simplicity and Passion: Do They Go Together?

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For the past couple years, instead of writing  a list of New Year’s resolutions, I’ve focused on one word. My 2012 word was PASSION. I know, we’re well into a new year, but this word won’t let me go.

As I’ve considered simplicity over the past couple weeks, I see how walking out a life of simplicity opens up room for passion in my days and in my heart. When clutter is cleared from my heart and thoughts, I have the clarity to focus on the most important things. My heart and mind are free to think on things I’m passionate about.

I believe we each hold a passion for something in our hearts. Some of us have found it and have the privilege of living it out each day. Some of us want to live it, but can’t right now. Some of us are so busy living day-to-day that we don’t take time to stop and discover what our lives could be.

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In the midst of a busy school year, carving out time to pursue my passion for writing has been a challenge. I’ve worked hard to prioritize the time to write my book or learn and apply writing craft. I’ve turned down other activities and opportunities so I could focus on my story. But, the consistency hasn’t always been there.

If I am passionate about something, I’ll invest time and effort to live out that passion. I must prefer that over other things. Choosing simplicity enables me to make wise decisions. My relationship with God comes first. Family relationships and responsibilities are second. Other real life commitments are next in line. Writing comes right about here in it’s level of importance at this stage in my life. Finding a good balance between everything is difficult. I pray each day for God’s direction.

Walking in simplicity empowers me to live out my passion. I plan to be more intentional about:

  1. Asking God daily to help me stay aligned with His will for that day.
  2. Appointing more creative time into my weeks. I plan to carve out two days a week to I stay home. And write.
  3. Making sure Hubby and I talk regularly about our calendars so we keep ourselves from becoming over committed.
  4. Saying that little two letter word, you know the one–N-O–more than I did this year.

Writing could easily consume me, which isn’t what God wants either. That’s why I need to stay focused on Him, asking Him to guide me to each day’s priorities.

When I walk out a life of simplicity, passion thrives. I have the creative space within me, and the ability to focus on those things God’s placed in my heart. I’m not cluttered in my thoughts or in my heart with the “good.” Rather, I have the peace to focus on the “best.”

Your Turn: How do you cultivate the passions in your heart? What are your thoughts about simplicity and passion going hand in hand?

6 thoughts on “Simplicity and Passion: Do They Go Together?”

  1. Jeanne,
    Your post is powerful — highlighting the chord between simplicity and passion. The power of “No” that enables us to say “Yes.” Love this line:When I walk out a life of simplicity, passion thrives.


    1. Thanks, Beth! I never really considered the tie between simplicity and passion until a couple weeks ago. 🙂 It’s really challenging me to consider priorities and act on them. The power of “No” … It’s a powerful word in so many ways, isn’t it?


    1. I know what you mean about saying no being hard. I’m learning to do it, but some things I say no to are things I’d love to do! I guess that’s where self-discipline comes in. 🙂


  2. Great thoughts here today, Jeanne! I think if you are sincerely passionate about something then our response should be simple. Like following Christ. It’s not complicated and He doesn’t try to make it so. But when we bog down our passions with other things, losing sight of what really matters, that passion is anything but simple. It becomes encumbered with our expectations, and our condemnation. The response from our heart is simple. Not always so simple to follow it.


    1. Yes, yes, and YES, Amy. It’s tricky not to bog down our passions with other things, sometimes. You’re so right–our heart response is simple. Living it out every day? Not so much. 🙂 You said it so well. Thanks for stopping by!


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