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Simplicity: Heart Stuff

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Have you seen the Capital One commercials that close with the line, “What’s in your wallet?” My thought-response is, “I’m not telling you!”

As I considered simplicity and stuff on Tuesday, I was struck by the question, “What’s in my heart?” Just as I have material stuff needing some attention, I also have heart stuff that needs to be purged before I can genuinely walk a life of simplicity. Growing in simplicity really begins on the inside. When I’m walking closely with Jesus, I’m better able to hear His guidance through my days. Having an uncluttered heart helps in all this.

Sometimes, it’s easier to deal with the outer stuff than the internal issues. It’s a lot less painful. My heart-stuff isn’t all pretty and/or useful. Sure, there’s good stuff in my heart–the Holy Spirit, deep love for family and friends, a desire to show kindness to those who people my world, to help those in need, and to live this life well all reside in there.

But, there’s also ugly stuff in my heart. Two areas I’ve struggled with are letting go of hurts and insecurity. When I cling to unforgiveness, I only end up hurting myself. It hinders me from hearing God’s words in my heart, it hardens me, and it plants the seeds of bitterness. When bitterness takes root in my heart, oh, that’s when it gets really ugly. The longer I hold onto it, the deeper its roots plunge.

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Picture a weed with deep roots yanked from the ground. These seldom come up with a gentle tug. Forceful pulling unearths it. Large clumps of dirt hang from it. It’s good the weed is out, but it costs muscle strain and energy to remove it. The same is true in removing bitterness from a heart. It hurts. A lot. The weed is out, but the pain of the uprooting burns for a time.

Insecurity’s clutter takes up space in my heart. God’s done a lot of healing, but scraps of it still hide out in my heart. I’m learning to identify thoughts that reveal insecurity and bring them to Jesus. I ask Him to show me His truth. When I see my insecurities in the light of His truth, it’s easier to release them into His caring hands. Jesus deals with them and lightens my heart in the process.

When my heart is clear of this stuff, I can live a life of simplicity. Nothing hinders me from hearing God’s words and experiencing His delight in me. Those barriers are gone, which makes it easier for me to hear and believe His truths. This enables me to walk in simplicity.

Your turn: What’s in your heart? What are your thoughts about simplicity and heart issues?

10 thoughts on “Simplicity: Heart Stuff”

  1. Ahhh. . . Simplicity. Seems my life is full of so much, so I love your thoughts of simplicity. It reminds me that yes, to hear Gods voice I must clear out some of the junk. Weeds in the garden, junk from the house. . . clear away its place in my head. [I sometimes call it the demon of distraction]. Then focus on my Lord and His words to me. Focus through all the junk and get down to the deep heart call of my God! Peace.


    1. It all takes time and purposeful effort–whether the simplifying goes on outside of ourselves or within us. And you’re right, sometimes, we do have to focus through the junk. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Mom!


  2. I love this idea…it’s so easy to keep going along in life and burying the weeds, thinking that if we cut them down, they’re gone. But the roots…that’s essential. We can’t just end a behavior, but we have to examine where it came from. Usually for me, it’s pride that leads there.


    1. Great thoughts, Lindsay. And I can be honest and tell you pride is often the root of my issues as well. Sigh. It truly takes God working it out of my heart to remove that weed.

      Thanks for your transparency!


  3. I learned the VERY hard way that I simply have to live within my emotional boundaries and leave the extraneous stuff out where it can die off. If I am aching inside because someone has stopped calling and even un-friended me on Facebook, I have to simply stop letting it weigh me down. There are plenty of people in my life who love me. I don’t need to indulge in any heartache of someone who doesn’t care about me. Keeping things simple and not crowding my heart means I can see and touch whoever needs me. I like life better that way.


    1. Keeping things simple…great words, especially with relationships. I like the idea of this, Jennifer, and not letting my heart become crowded with the worries of unmet expectations, or fears that I’ve disappointed others. Letting go of that is a way that I try to keep things simple. I love your thoughts. Thank you so much for sharing them.

      And I’m with Lindsay. You’re kinda stuck with me. 😉


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