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Baseball Distractions

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Last summer, Hubby’s company took the employees out to the ball game. Minor leagues, but still an adventure. We cheered for the home team with the crowds, and we ate hotdogs and chips. But, no peanuts or Cracker Jacks. It was a first for our boys. Watching them brought as many smiles to my face as the game. They are a study in contrasts. They caught every pre-game detail, studying the score board, watching the players warm up, and showering us with questions.

And then, Sox the Fox jumped into the scene.

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While Edmund engrossed himself in the game, every second or two, Peter’s question was, “Where’s Sox the Fox?” Forget watching all the great catches and the occasional double play. Peter’s eyes scanned the bleachers searching for the team mascot. Sox‘ newest fan gave me my own play-by-play of the antics the fox performed. From time to time, Sox disappeared from sight. Peter would scan the stands, worry creasing his forehead. When he spied Sox, he pointed with a grin. The actual baseball game was as captivating for him as math homework.

When Sox came within fifty feet of our seating area, Peter, bouncing in his seat, asked if he could go say hello to Sox. Of course we said yes. I watched him almost run to the mascot, and then slow as he neared his newest hero. He hugged Sox and scampered back to us.

As I thought about how Peter’s focus riveted to the fun distraction rather than the main event, I was challenged. How often do lesser attention-grabbers distract me from “the main thing?” How often to do I get worked up about some immediate worry and forget about the long term goal? More often than I care to admit.

Whether it’s a frustrating distraction like a flat tire, a fun distraction like shopping a great sale, or a painful distraction like harsh words aimed at me, my eyes become fastened on life’s distractions. I seek to keep my attention on growing in God’s grace, but some days, I strike out.

I’m working to recognize those times when I’m distracted more quickly and get my focus back on the game. It’s an inning by inning process for this lady.

Your Turn: When you’ve been distracted by life, how do you get your focus back where it should be? Do you enjoy baseball or prefer watching a different sport?

6 thoughts on “Baseball Distractions”

  1. Baseball? One of our first dates was to a baseball game. But we spend ALOT of our time at hockey. With 3 boys who play, that is a huge amount of time!!
    Distractions come in every shape and size, don’t they? Sometimes, the pursuit of publication and wanting so much to succeed has been an idol/distraction. But I shake myself and rememeber that without Jesus, everything is dust.


    1. How fun that your first date was to a baseball game. 🙂 Yes, distractions take many forms. I, too, have had to be careful that writing doesn’t become an idol, distracting me from the Main Thing. It’s such a fine line we walk as writers. I love your reminder that without Jesus everything is dust. Thanks so much for stopping by!


  2. Great thoughts! Yes, life is full of distractions! Writing becoming an idol is indeed a potent one. We authors go into a different mode when we pen a story. But God gave the gift and He can keep us on track when we give our work to Him. be blessed and hit a home run today :)))


  3. Distractions are killer for me. Especially worry, I have to lean really hard on God to let go of worry and just be who he wants me to be. I also get distracted thinking about how slow I feel like I’m going getting to publication. When really, I need to just focus on writing 🙂 My son is six, he is really starting to love to watch sports on TV with his Dad. He’s really into March Madness right now. My husband is from Iowa, so they cheer for the Twins in baseball.


    1. I struggle with worry at times too, Lisa. And trusting that God’s timing is best (ahem, when it comes to writing). I’m learning to trust that He has things for me to learn on the journey, and it’s going to take time. 🙂

      My guys love watching football with my husband. We don’t watch much t.v., but sports are fun for all of us to watch. Thank you so much for stopping by!


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