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The Hopeful Side of Easter

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Our two boys love Easter egg hunts. Since the time our oldest turned four, we’ve interspersed Resurrection Eggs* with the treat-filled eggs they search for.  Each boy hopes to find as many eggs as they can. They enjoy the tasty treats inside the regular eggs, but they also enjoy the contents of the Resurrection Eggs*. These special eggs  share the story of Holy Week through symbols that represent aspects of Jesus’ life, crucifixion and resurrection. The final egg is empty.

I love what this represents because it perfectly depicts what we celebrate on Easter morning. The tomb was empty. Because Jesus was made alive after dying. Because he lived a sin-less life, sin couldn’t keep him in a state of death. He was raised from the dead.

Why does this offer hope? For those who share a relationship with Jesus, it offers us the promise that death will not overcome us permanently either. No, dead people will not walk the earth like in the zombie movies that are becoming popular. But we have the hope that one day, our sin will no longer rule over us, and we will be made alive again. We have the privilege of spending our eternity in heaven with Jesus, who loves us. He died for us and was raised from the dead for us. We will walk in joy and love, and have a purpose we can’t fully know while we’re on the earth.

In the here and now, I am thankful for the hope that comes from having a relationship with Jesus. He gives me what I need to make it through the difficult times in this life. And, I have the hope that one day, these struggles will not be mine anymore.

This is why Easter is a hopeful celebration.

Your Turn: If you have children, how do you celebrate Easter with them? What gives you hope?

If you have a few minutes, enjoy this song.

6 thoughts on “The Hopeful Side of Easter”

  1. I love resurrection eggs. We do those and regular Easter eggs too. We like to make sure to read through the Easter story too. That is such a good song, I love it. And I agree, that hope is everything 🙂


    1. I see we have a lot in common, Lisa. 🙂 Our kids asked if we were going to do the Resurrection Eggs this year. I love that. I think some days, hope is what keeps me breathing. 🙂 Have a wonderful Easter! Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Enjoyed your blog and the song! beautiful! First I’ve heard of Resurrection Eggs! What an excellent concept! Hope is what keeps us going through all seasons of life! May your life and your Easter be filled with Resurrection joy!


  3. Thanks, Jeanne, for reminding me to do SOMETHING intentional with my kids to celebrate Easter this year 🙂 Because of your timely post, I still have time. Thanks for helping us all celebrate resurrection hope!


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Dave. You bring up a good point: It takes time to be intentional. Yet, pointing our kids’ hearts toward the truth of Easter is so important. I hope your Easter celebration is joyful!


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