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Kept By Busy

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Have you asked, “How are you?” only to hear, “Oh, I’m keeping busy.” Can we ever really “keep” Busy? These past few weeks, I think Busy has “kept” me. Kept me running through my days, with barely a moment to catch my breath. Busy kept my mind occupied with many thoughts, worries. Busy kept me tired trying to conquer my daily “to-do” lists.

Sometimes, I “keep Busy” to find affirmation, to think that I have worth because each day holds so many commitments. Busy-ness means I’m productive, right? That I’m worth something because I have people depending on me to get things done?

I know people who “keep” Busy because it enables them to avoid dealing with deeper painful heart issues. If they are busy, they don’t have time to think about those wounds, harsh words, sad memories. They don’t have to experience what “alone” might feel like.

Sometimes, I get kept by Busy because the things I’m asked to do are genuinely good. They are helpful to others. I’m beginning to see, though, not all good things are God’s best for me and how I spend my time.

I tend to think I can keep Busy and still maintain control over every aspect of my life. These past few weeks have shown me I may hold the reins of control for a few days, but soon, everything piles up and tumbles over on top of me, overwhelming me with expectations and activities.

I’ve come to the realization I can’t keep, control, or cage Busy. Except by saying, “no.” I’ve decided to step back from all the to-do’s Busy has arranged for me, and remember how to be still, how to breathe, how to enjoy my kids, how to listen to birdsong on spring mornings.

I plan to be more purposeful in what I say yes, or no, to. I’m going to re-establish conversations with my wonderful hubby about our commitments, before we agree to undertake them. I want to focus on the most important things God is calling me to in this season of my life–my relationship with Him, relationships with my husband, boys and friends, and writing. I don’t want to be kept by Busy anymore. As of today, Busy will not control the decisions I make. Now, Busy, please hand over the keys to my life.

Your Turn: What has brought about busy seasons in your life? How do you manage to keep from becoming too busy? Is there such a thing as “too busy?”

8 thoughts on “Kept By Busy”

  1. Great post, Jeanne. Sometimes I think it’s personality driven too. Some of us just do better all around when were busy but we always have to remember that quiet and still can be good too. That’s the reminder for me.


    1. Sandy, that’s a good point, our personalities also play a role in the “busy-equation.” It seems like finding the balance between busy-ness and having time to be quiet and still is tricky, at least for me. 🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by!


  2. Great reminder! Sometimes it’s almost a status symbol where I live to be sooo busy. It really chokes life away and leaves no room for God’s voice. Great encouragement.


    1. How interesting–a status symbol. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but I’ve seen that too. I like the picture of leaving room for God’s voice. Thanks for stopping by, Lisa!


  3. Is there such a thing as “too busy?”
    Sometimes it sneaks up on me, and sometimes I invite it in to sit down and stay awhile.
    Really enjoying your blog posts, Jeanne!


    1. You made me chuckle with your word picture of inviting Busy in to sit and stay awhile. I’ve done that too. That guest doesn’t always like to leave. Thank you for stopping by, Beth!


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